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  • Thursday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:26:38
  • UPA Rule: An Era of Extra Corruption

    By Geetha V. P Prime Minister Manmohan Singh might be admired for his integrity.  But not the UPA Government he heads at the Centre.  It was a season of corruption and scandals for the Congress lead ruling coalition. In 2007 India was ranked 74 out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) and […]

    Why to Oppose JPC Probe?

    By  Suresh Kumar While the Opposition is doggedly demanding for a joint parliamentary probe into the 1.76 trillion rupee 2G spectrum scam, the voters of the country are still to be convinced on the productivity of such a probe. The BJP- lead opposition has not allowed the Houses to function for even a single day […]

    Parliament Logjam- Tax-paying Voter the Looser

    By S K Visay With the parliament  has not been able to function for the 19th day in a row,  including today , thanks to the unyielding  attitude of both the ruling and opposition parties on the Joint Parliamentary Committee probe on the infamous trillion rupee 2G spectrum scam, the national exchequer has lost about […]

    India No.1 in Swiss Accounts; More Than the GDP

    By Geetha V P It is astounding. The ill-gotten riches from India stashed in one single foreign bank amounts to 115% of our GDP and more than 7 times of the country’s external debt. According to a Swiss Banking Association report India tops with $1,456 billion among the  list of countries having bank deposits in the […]

    Members of Parliament: Costing High; Performance Poor

    By S K Visary We react relentless when an assistant teacher in a nearby primary school takes leave for a day. We will never tolerate a nurse in the local health centre is late by a few minutes. But what happens to our sense of social scruples when a section of the elected Members of […]

    Elected To Carry Out Corruption?

    By Nanditha S “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This saying is proving true in the case of India, the largest Democracy in the world.  It seems corruption in India is at its rampant best and majority of the corruption is confirmed to be happening with the connivance and collusion of those holding […]

    Kerala: The State in High ‘Spirits’

    By Suresh Unnithan   Kerala, the cute coastal queen of India is much admired for its unique achievement in the field of education, child health, and infant mortality and general hygiene.  But, it is exceedingly unfortunate these glorious achievements lose its luster just for one reason, alcoholism. The state has the highest rate of per capita consumption […]

    ‘Man making is our mission, Crime-free society our ambition’

    He is a man with a perfect mind. The City Police Commissioner of Kozhikode Mr P Vijayan IPS believes, the police force, with positive attitude and purposeful endowers can transform the society and make it productive in every sense.  The Commissioner has, with his innovative initiatives like Student Police Cadet and Our Responsibility to Children, practically proved […]

    Policing the Cyber Highway

    By Jacob Punnoose IPS, Director General of Police,  Kerala Many years ago, in my childhood, there used to be people in my locality who were unable to read letters addressed to them. They would often come to my father for assistance in reading the contents. Such people used to be called illiterates. These days, however, such people […]

    Nandan Pillai: Outstanding Artist with Exceptional Mission

    By Suresh Unnithan He is simply stupendous, as an artist. His creations are worth a million words.  Nandan Pillai believes “Art is the signature of civilizations and is the literacy of heart.” True to his thoughts Pillai has dedicated his time and energy for the people and the mother earth.  He loves nature; he loves […]