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  • Tuesday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:51:51
  • MD Sakib Bin Azad Is A Stunning Entrepreneur, A Digital Marketer And An Incredibly Talented Musician From Bangladesh

    Md Sakib Bin Azad, a well-known musician, will tell us how he became a successful musician at the age of 19. He was born in our neighboring country, Bangladesh. From a young age, he was fascinated by the idea of innovation and spent a lot of time thinking about it. In the end, it was […]

    Meet Mabast King – A Kurdish YouTuber With Desire to Bring Change in Society

    Born and Brought up in Erbil, Kurdistan, Mabast Bahaden is a budding content creator and YouTuber. Popularly known as Mabast King, he has his own Youtube Channel with the same name. He loves posting humorous videos on his channel. He has a strong desire to create change in Kurdish society, and he aims to do […]

    Sudhashree Acharya: The New Age Singer With the melodious voice

    Sudhashree Acharya is one of the beautiful divas with many talents, such as she’s a singer, record artist, and social media influencer. She is the best example of beauty with brains. SudhashreeAcharya is one of the well-known IVR professionals who has bestowed her voice in formerly regulating Telecom provider- Aircel and Indian Railways. Sudhashree Acharya […]

    Pinder Randhawa – A sensational heartthrob from Punjab in the making

    Pinder, who is currently famous for his albums and singles in not only Punjab but also in Canada and the United Kingdoms, has something cooking under the shelves. He is seen making rounds all over the place for his next shoot. Last he was spotted near Vancouver and Montreal before that. Pinder was in a […]

    Nav Shah’s Masterpieces Leave Mark On The Music Industry

    Nav shah, An astonishing artist with too much voice. A voice stuck in the heads of many. A gifted adolescent with mind blowing abilities is just the age of 21. In all honesty yet this long term fellow has composed 600+ tunes and 10,000+ verses. He is a writer, lyricist, and music arranger too. He […]

    Spotify data reveals Hyderabad’s love for Tollywood music

    Sid Sriram is the most streamed filmy artist, and ‘Chitti’ is the most streamed film song between April 1 and June 30 this year Hyderabad : Despite the lack of releases in Tollywood movies and songs during the pandemic, the love for all things filmy continues to be a part of what Telugu audiences watch […]

    Mani Sharan: The Remarkable Virtouso Ruling Indian Music Industry

    Music is the language of the divine. Rohit Kalra popularly known as Mani Sharan believes that music can connect souls. Born in Moga, a beautiful town of Punjab, the infamous singer has given many blockbuster songs to the industry. He has been dominating the music industry since 2017. His first song “Munda Darda” has managed […]

    Radico launches a music video to honour Indian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

    New Delhi: This year, when the world’s movement and celebrations are restricted, we at Radico have taken up the task to not to allow the pandemic affect the spirit of our people. Continuing its momentum to keep the consumers’ spirit high, Radico Khaitan has come up with another power packed initiative to cheer Indian Athletes […]

    Kadence Joins Hands With CH Studio for Live Music Nights

    ~Indulge in Some Soulful Melodies and Win a Ukulele~ Bengaluru: Kadence, India’s leading musical instruments brand, joins hands with CH Studio on ClubHouse to provide a platform for new artists to perform, alongside leading names from the industry. The session, hosted every night at 10.00 PM, has become a hit with its audience in less […]

    Jaqeen, A New Age Heartbreak Ballad by Talwiinder & Rish Out Now

    Every now and then, we come across a song that instantly connects with our soul and becomes a part of our journey. Sony Music India’s Jaqeen by Talwiinder & Rish is a passionate heartbreak ballad that promises to become an instant favourite amongst the youth. Dark, melancholic and intimate, the song is a sombre expression […]