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  • Monday, February, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:04:48
  • Ed-techs that became the new-age teachers for technology students

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, Ed-techs (Educational Technology companies) have emerged as the modern-day mentors and educators for technology students. With the advent of digital learning platforms, these innovative companies have revolutionized the way students acquire knowledge and skills in fields such as computer science, engineering, and information technology. This transformational shift in […]

    Stepping Out of Your Shell: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Shyness with Asiatalks

    This article is sponsored by Asiatalks Notice that this article is not professional advice and shouldn’t be used to treat any conditions. Are you tired of hiding in the shadows, feeling like you’re missing out on opportunities because of your shyness? It’s time to step out of your shell and embrace a world full of […]

    Breaking Language Barriers: Seamless Multilingual Online Communication on DeLaChat

    This article is sponsored by DeLaChat With the rise of globalization, it is more important than ever to bridge the gap between different languages and cultures. As a communication platform, DeLaChat is revolutionizing the way people communicate across the world. Whether you’re looking to connect with someone from a different country or make genuine friendships, […]

    Make Your Homes Smarter With KNX Technology

     The concept of a smart home is no longer unfamiliar, thanks to technological advancements. A smart home is equipped with technology that helps you take control of your home remotely, making your everyday life convenient and efficient. This control can be from anywhere in the world. Amongst new technologies that are being rapidly developed to […]

    Barco Ongoing Commitment to Next Gen Technologies

     Mumbai   – Barco, a global technology leader in networked visualization solutions for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets, showcased its latest products and solutions at the Barco Connect 2023   held in Mumbai on Friday, 25th August 2023. With a strong focus on visioneering a bright tomorrow, Barco offers a diverse range of innovative, high-quality, and […]

    The Evolution of Portable Electronic Devices: From Simple Beginnings to Today’s Sophisticated Gadgets

    The story of portable electronic devices is one of rapid innovation and adaptation. From humble beginnings as simple calculators and transistor radios, the journey to today’s sophisticated smartphones and wearable tech showcases humanity’s relentless drive for convenience and efficiency. The Birth of Portability: Transistor Radios The introduction of the transistor in the 1950s revolutionized the […]

    From Petroleum to Energy: Mount Meru Group’s Vision for a Sustainable Future

    Since 1979, Mount Meru Group has brought Petroleum Products, Edible Oil, and Logistics to East and Central Africa. With their headquarters in Dubai, they are able to attract top talent to their management team while maintaining a sense of family amongst their now 6000 employees. As the energy industry shifts its focus to sustainable and […]

    Smart Trading 101: The Roadmap To Becoming A Savvy Investor

    Smart trading has erupted onto the scene with growing technology adoption, availing the use of advanced tools and techniques to make informed and profitable decisions for investors. In India, the growth of the FinTech sector has led to the emergence of several trading platforms that enable users with technical analysis to identify trends and patterns […]

    Darwin Research Centre and FRC Forge Innovative Partnership for Technological Integration and Automation

     Fujairah  – Two leading institutions, Darwin Research Centre and Fujairah Research Centre have embarked on an exciting journey of collaboration. A distinguished cohort of six senior executives, scientists, and deep-tech experts from the Darwin Research Centre visiting Fujairah were enthusiastically received by Fujairah Research Centre representatives as they joined forces to explore avenues for seamlessly […]

    4 Best Practices For Managing Outsourced Website Development Projects

    Outsourcing software development services have taken the digital world by storm. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses find themselves in need of dynamic solutions without the baggage of operational overheads. This is where outsource software teams, especially from Asia, come to the fore. However, merely jumping on the bandwagon doesn’t guarantee success. The key […]