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  • Wednesday, September, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:35:50
  • National Doctor’s Day – Quote by Dr. Alok Roy, Chairman, Medica Group of Hospital’s

    Dr. Alok Roy, Chairman of Medica Group of Hospitals “When we think of frontline health care workers, we may think of doctors and nurses at hospitals, but independent family doctors are in that category, too. On this Doctor’s Day, I would want to extend my deepest gratitude to every doctor, nurse, and support staff member […]

    Pandemonium on abortion in US

    Dr. Veda Pratap Vaidik Two major decisions of the US Court has created serious tremors in America. The first one was regarding the new restrictions imposed on the possession of firearms and the other relating to the ban on abortion. There were demonstrations across the country for and also against the decisions of the Supreme […]

    BRICS: India’s Nonaligned Posture

    Dr Vedapratap Vaidik BRICS is the acronym coined to associate the five major emerging economies- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.  The 14th summit of this international group was held this time in Beijing, as China is the current president of the association.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi this time skipped the meet held in […]

    Remembering those Dark days!

    Dr. Vedapratap Vaidik Today, after 46 years, I vividly remember that black day of 26 June 1975. On the midnight of 25 June 1975, then President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed blindly signed the declaration of emergency.  Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s brother-in-law had disconnected the power connections of many leading  newspapers published from Delhi .  Many newspapers that […]

    Quote on the occasion of National Insurance Awareness Day -Reliance General Insurance

    “The pandemic has fueled an increased risk perception among customers, bringing cascading effects on the insurance industry. From product innovation to distribution line management, the GI industry has been shifting to a more customer-centric model. As the industry is now more cognizant of customer needs, in the coming years, its focus will be on enabling […]

    Political lessons from Shiv Sena Crisis

    Dr. Vedapratap Vaidik The collapse of the coalition government in Maharashtra  is almost certain. Even if the incumbent Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray  relinquishes his position in favour of the defiant Eknath Shinde, this coalition government is not likely to survive, because Shinde is  totally opposed to Thackeray’s extra cozy  approach to the two alliance partners, […]

    Why Oppose Yoga?

    Dr. Vedapratap Vaidik A untoward incident happened in Male, the capital of Maldives. On June 21, people were attacked while celebrating Yoga Day. Hooligans damaged public and private properties. Some of the attackers were arrested. This was not the first time that Yoga Day was celebrated in Maldives. Since 2015, Yoga Day has been celebrated […]

    Repeal the Second Amendment, Palladium of Death

    Sam Ben-Meir It is shameful and unconscionable that this country has allowed gun violence to become the leading cause of death among children in the United States – but that is the reality. The legislation, including gun measures, recently proposed by a bipartisan group of senators represents a step in the right direction: it does […]

    Attack on Gurudwara in Kabul

    Dr. Vedapratap Vaidik The deadly attack on the Gurudwara in Kabul’s Karte-Parwan has  terrified  the Sikhs in Afghanistan beyond description.  Not many decades back millions of Sikhs happily inhabited the cities and villages of Afghanistan. Presently about 150 200 Sikh families survive and India has granted visa for 111 Sikhs, after the terrorist attack.  Some […]

    Firefighting to save Agnipath!

    Dr Vedapratap Vaidik  A day before I had written in my regular column that the agitation against Agnipath recruitment scheme was likely to turn more aggressive compared to many previous protests. As I apprehended, the agitation has spread across the country. In the beginning the agitation was limited to certain cities in North India and […]