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  • Sunday, February, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:36:03
  • Celebrating birthdays with a unique twist, Havmor Ice Cream launches a digital campaign on its delectable ice cream cake range

    With the latest digital campaign, the brand aims to promote consuming ice cream cakes and break-away from smothering faces during birthdays New Delhi: With an extensive, mouth-watering range of Ice Cream cakes, birthdays become a little more fun! Havmor ice cream, one of India’s the most loved and trusted Ice Cream brand and a subsidiary […]

    Here’s how the founders of Breathmasters have been helping people overcome all sorts of challenges

     Aurimas Juodka is the CEO of YogiLab and founder of Breath Masters, a Bali-based personal development platform. AJ was Introduced to Breathwork over a decade ago, he realized the benefits of this treatement and how much the world needed it. This is how he founded Breath Masters. Along with AJ, Brian Kelly has co-founded the […]

    Luxury eyewear showcase by Lawrence & Mayo

    Hyderabad: It’s the most festive season of the year and the cold winter days are counting down to a fresh start. As 2022 comes to a close and winter fashion has taken over the city, Lawrence & Mayo would like to give you a gentle reminder that accessorising is a must. With an exclusive Fall/Winter […]

    Kate Spade New York | Christmas Gifting Guide

    Christmas is that time of year where it brings with it magically filled with love, togetherness, and hope. It gestures to you with peace, and happiness, to be plenteous in mercy, reflecting the end of a year and marking a fresh start. This holiday season, Kate Spade New York launches a collection that is inspired […]

    ALDO -Christmas Gifting Guide

    The holiday season is almost here! A lot of people look forward to the Christmas season each year, immersing themselves in the festive jingles. Like every year, the spirit of Christmas gives you a special feeling. Aldo showcases a stunning array of footwear and accessories which will enhance your look and help you throw on […]

    Skin Elements shares simple intimate care tips to ease the conversation on sexuality and intimate health

    It’s a common misconception that guys don’t need to worry as much about keeping themselves clean as women do. But nothing could be further from the truth than that. Men must maintain their intimate hygiene with the same rigour as women because men’s hormones impact it too. Since the male anatomy makes males more prone […]

    The Pant Project now offers custom-fit jeans for men

    The Pant Project, India’s leading e-tailor for custom-made men’s bottoms, has expanded its catalog with the launch of power stretch jeans. With this move, the timeless fashion brand now has pants for you for every occasion, from formals for workwear, to chinos for brunch and jeans for every day. The brand offers premium denim crafted […]

    This Christmas break, add extra joy to your loved ones with Bummer’s exquisite collection!

    As the most magical time of the year has begun, it is the perfect occasion to spread joy and love as we place delicately wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. As we have plenty of options in our shopping guides, choosing a perfect gift for your loved ones that compliments their personality is a tricky […]

    All the fashion enthusiasts gather , lenskart announces a series of brand new collections

    Series A is a collection specially designed for the pathbreakers, trailblazers, and people who exhibit the X factor in them. The frames have an in-built never quit appeal which keeps the wearers one step ahead from stealing the spotlight. As they say, variety is the key of life,  the new frames can be easily added […]

    Free-to-Play-and-Own – How Medieval Empires is Leading this New Trend in the Gaming Industry?

    Medieval Empires’ Chief Visionary Officer and Co-founder, Assad Dar, tells us why he chose play-and-own for his dream project and how it sets a new benchmark for crypto games. Last year, the play-to-earn model attracted a lot of attention from investors and gaming enthusiasts. And there is no denying that it did look promising. Most […]