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  • Celebrate World Music Day with G0VO Cinematic GoSurround 990 Soundbar for Unmatched Outdoor Entertainment

     Bengaluru  – In celebration of World Music Day, G0VO, a trendsetter in the home audio segment, has once again elevated the standards with the introduction of its latest audio masterpiece – the 990 Soundbar. This all-new soundbar is a remarkable addition to G0VO’s impressive line-up, offering superior sound quality and versatile features to create an […]

    Why is laser treatment safer and healthier than waxing

    Attributed to Dr Kiran Hebbalkar,Dermatologist and cosmetologist For a lot of people, the chase for unblemished skin is a continuum struggle. You will always find us in the trenches, either with our razors or putting up with bouts of waxing pains, hoping that one day we may finally say goodbye to such pesky hair issues. […]

    How Are Natural Diamonds Perceived by Millennials?

    They say the more things change the more they remain the same. Consider the allure of billion-year-old diamonds and generational attitudes to these fruits of the deep earth. Over the past 137 years that natural diamonds have been mined by De Beers, consumers have held wide ranging perceptions about these precious gems. From associating high […]

    108-Years Old Karim’s Kitchen Brings Riwaayat Ka Zaika To Falak, The Leela Bhartiya City

    Bangalore : Falak, renowned as one of the finest North Indian dining destinations at The Leela Bhartiya City, is set to transport Bangalore to the bustling streets of Old Delhi with “Riwaayat Ka Zaika.” This exclusive culinary event, running from June 24th to June 30th, promises a journey through India’s rich traditions, curated by the […]

    Kriti Sanon’s HYPHEN adds Dewy Prep to its viral Vitamin-Infused Peptide range after 12 months of R&D

    After 12 months of rigorous R&D, HYPHEN, a high-performance skincare solutions brand, co-founded by Celebrity Entrepreneur Kriti Sanon and industry leader PEP Technologies (parent company of mCaffeine), has introduced its latest breakthrough, the Dewy Prep. Renowned for simplifying skincare routines by hyphenating the power of nature and potency of science, the brand’s hydrating face treatment […]

    Portronics Launches Luxcell Bind 20K Fast-Charging 20,000mAh Power Bank

    New Delhi : Portronics, a leading Indian gadget brand has introduced the Luxcell Bind 20K power bank for those who are always on the move and need to recharge their electronics without a nearby outlet. The Luxcell Bind 20K houses a massive 20,000mAh battery inside its high-quality exterior. At full charge, it can power up […]

    Give your baby the best, trust virgin coconut oil-based products for your baby

     Once a mother, always a mother! One doesn’t quite understand this phrase till she becomes a mother herself. And that’s when the journey to becoming the best mother begins! In this pursuit, you naturally seek out only the very best for your baby, exploring every option to ensure their well-being. A newborn baby’s skin is […]

    Earth raga Partners With Wahter To Distribute 7000 Water Bottles

    New Delhi : Earthraga, the pioneering new-age skincare brand, is proud to announce its collaboration with Wahter, India’s advertising and packaged drinking water brand in the esteemed #WinAWeekWithWahter Campaign. This partnership is a testament to Earthraga’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, aimed at quenching the thirst of New Delhi’s citizens during this scorching heatwave. As […]

    Overland Park: Tips And Tricks For Efficient Commercial Office Cleaning

    Introduction A clean environment is crucial for the health and productivity of employees! So, if you are bothered with your business operations or profitability, do not keep a second thought in your mind while considering cleanliness. Well, in a bustling place like Overland Park, where businesses thrive, the standard for cleanliness is high. So, if you […]

    PeakMind Report: 47% of Delhi/NCR Students Battle Sleep Problems Amid Growing Mental Health Concerns

    Delhi : PeakMind, a leading mental wellness platform, has released the findings of a comprehensive survey conducted among over 10,000 students nationwide, highlighting significant mental health challenges faced by students in the Delhi/NCR region. The survey findings shed light on the mental well-being of the student population in the Delhi/NCR region, with 28% of respondents […]