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  • Chicco’s Natural Feeding Range makes breastfeeding journey easier for new moms

    Published on August 1, 2022

    Every mother wants to provide the very best for her baby. Breast milk indeed is an ideal food, that is naturally designed to best meet the needs of babies. It has all the necessary nutrients, in just the right amounts for the child’s healthy growth and development.

    For the first six months of life, breast milk is recommended as the infant’s sole source of nutrition as it is full of antibodies that helps promote immune system development and protects the baby against infections. To smoothen this journey for new mothers, Chicco has specially curated its “Natural Feeding” range of breast pumps including both Manual & Electric Breast Pumps; and breast-feeding accessories such as Nipple Shields, Breast Pads, Breast Wipes and Feeding bras that help empower new moms to enjoy this special experience of breastfeeding comfortably for a longer duration with total peace of mind.

    • Chicco’s Manual Breast pump is a great offering that enables the mother to extract, express and store her milk effectively and with utmost ease for times when she is tied up. It has an extra soft silicone cup that gently envelopes the breast and its easy grip handle offers maximum comfort & less fatigue to mother’s hand and wrist.
    • Chicco’s Portable & Double Electric Breast Pump through its 2 Phase pumping mechanism mimics the baby’s sucking pattern. They come with adjustable speed level to suit the mother’s  need & provide her a personalized touch.  Their compact design makes them ideal to use anywhere – at home or while travelling
    • Chicco Breast Pads offer maximum hygiene & safety for delicate skin of the breasts by preventing milk from coming into contact with the skin. They are made of anti-bacterial fabric and are Ultra-thin & breathable which makes them comfortable to wear and are invisible under clothing.
    • Chicco Nipple Shields help to facilitate latching of the baby to the breast when direct breastfeeding is difficult for new mothers. They allow maximum skin to skin contact and are made of soft & fine silicone that ensures an optimal fit.
    • Chicco Breast Wipes are perfect for cleaning the breasts before and after feeding. They are enriched with Vitamin E & glycerin that nourishes & keeps the skin hydrated and the Prebiotic active offers protection & safety
    • Feeding and Nursing Bras have been specifically designed to breastfeed as comfortably and as possible, while supporting weight of the breasts. The cups of the bra can be opened with one hand for maximum ease of use during breastfeeding. The wide shoulder straps and tall lateral straps ease the pressure on your shoulders and back. Available in breathable soft cotton & microfiber fabric lets you breastfeed with utmost ease.


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