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  • Mom – an American sitcom that features the hilarious story of Bonnie, a single mother, and Christy, her daughter and roommate, as they try to deal with their newly sober lives (each other) is all set to air on Comedy Central with its 8th and final season. In this season, Bonnie (Allison Janney) tries to adjust to her new life with her husband Adam (William Fichtner) after Christy (Anna Faris) moves out. However, the chaos seems to have no end in Bonnie’s life!

    The show is created by the King Of Sitcoms Chuck Lorre (of The Big Bang Theory and the Two And A Half Men fame) Watch this series on Comedy Central as it airs from 6th September, every Monday to Friday 9 pm onwards.

    If you want to know why Mom is a must-watch, continue reading.

    Adulting Kicks In!

    Bonnie and her friends organize a party after Christy’s departure. Though it was supposed to be a fun party with kiddie games, things just got too real too fast, ending with the ladies pouring their hearts out to each other.

    Marjorie Falls In Love

    When it comes to Marjorie (or basically anyone in general!), Bonnie has never been one to mince words. But when she finds out that Marjorie’s smitten by someone, it’s Bonnie who stands by her despite their friends’ disapproval. She’s definitely got a good heart and an acid tongue!

    A Gatecrashed Valentine’s Day

    Romance is in the air as it’s Adam and Bonnie’s first-ever Valentine’s Day since they got married. They plan a nice, romantic dinner, but along with Cupid, some more people show up! Watch Mom and find out more about this special night.

    A Shock For Bonnie

    Adam shows Bonnie a billboard for a strip club and she’s shocked to see who’s featured on it. Now Bonnie tries every trick in the book to get the strip club owner to take the billboard down. Find out who’s the stripper in this episode!

    Adam’s Dead Redemption

    It’s fari to say that Adam would never win any loyalty awards as he was notorious for cheating on his past girlfriends. When Bonnie finds out about it, she convinces him to make amends with them. . However, an unforeseen incident sends Adam in a downward spiral! Watch what caused this to Adam on Mom Season 8!

    Tune into Comedy Central from September 6th Monday-Friday 9 pm onwards to witness how Bonnie navigates her new life after her daughter moves out!


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