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  • Converting Challenges into Opportunities, OFF Camera Story Of Neetu Bisht

    Published on March 20, 2021

    We all have seen Neetu Bisht On Our Phone Screens In her short videos.She made us laugh , think , cry , and gave us real couple goals at times.Behind this glamorous face is a story of a young girl who denied to give up on obstacles and courageously won against all the odds in the life.
    Neetu Bisht was born on 16th December 1997 , Her roots are from Almora (Uttrakhand).Born To Pratap Singh Bisht and Mohini Bisht, Neetu’s Schooling was done from Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sarvodaya Vidhyala , President’s Estate.

    Everyone was going smooth untill 2009 when Her Father Passed away due to Brain Hemorrhage. Neetu was just 11 at that time. Seeing all the responsibilities of Family falling on her Mother’s Shoulders She learnt meaning of life in a very Harsh Way at that very Young Age.She wanted to contribute to her family in any way possible, since there was no one to support the family of three sisters and a brother.Soon another shock came to Neetu’s Life as she realised her brother running away from the responsibilities leaving all the burden on the shoulders of her Mother.

    We can imagine what it is likely to be in this male dominated Society.Things were all going against and no hope was in sight when she decided to give a fight and  change her destiny Soon she started event management with her elder sister to take care of her family .She didn’t gained any success and again was left helpless since this business turned out to be a deal of loss. She started making lip sync videos uploading them to few social media platforms, Soon she became a common face and caught the eye of people. She worked with few top most youtubers and decided to make it a full time job. When tiktok was at peak Neetu Left no Stone unturned and became extremely popular with her Romantic videos with her Boyfriend Lakhan Arjun Rawat .

    The popularity gained them some serious fame which led to some big deals in the bag.Soon she realised the potential in other platforms and shifted her focus to Instagram since the Introduction Of Instagram Reels , as per Neetu This is where she can bring Justice to her potential .Now a common face and a very popular creator in the industry never ever gave any hint to the audience about the tough times she had been through.
    Being a girl with no backing , experience , financial Security and with a lot of responsibilities and dreams turned out to be this Strong only because of her determination and her willingness to change her destiny.
    She is a prime example of what a girl alone with no support or godfather can achieve single-handedly .

    She indeed is an Inspiration To a lot of girls with big dreams who want to do it on their own.
    We wish to see her achieving all that she deserves.


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