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    Counting calories is an age old method to stay fit, working on the ethics is the new way of staying motivated

    Published on February 24, 2020

    It’s almost the mid of February, one month past the start of 2020. Many start the New Year with great enthusiasm and vigour. They set their goals to achieve the resolution to stay fit and stick to a healthy mode of lifestyle. But according to experts only 8% of the mass make the ends meet.
    Losing out on the spirit to be motivated is a very common phenomena among people and coming up with creative ways to keep going on is a task of its own. Thus, they need to understand that fitness is a way of life where making progress should be a continuous journey.
    Therefore, take easy steps and apply tricks to stay motivated throughout the year. To begin with, get over the materialistic nuances. Most people prefer working out to get a good physical appearance, paying very small attention to the health aspect. Once the focus shifts to the well-being of the entire body, it effects automatically gets reflected on the physical appearance. When you see positive result, it has greater motivating power. Thus, the approach driving one to sweat should be meaningful.
    The next obstacle to overcome is to set small milestone. People in their excitement tend to go overboard and set high expectations. They usually fail to understand the intricacy of the situation that by pushing yourself beyond your capabilities you are vulnerable enough to give up easily. Therefore, get a hold of yourself and acknowledge the reality check. Try setting small achievable targets which fall under the realm of your potential. These smaller milestones help achieve positive outcome.
    After settling down with these basic hurdles, one must incorporate flexible exercise regime. In this fast paced mode of life, there might arise certain urgent tasks to be taken care of immediately or one might just lack the determination to hit their exercise plan, being tired and exhausted. Don’t ignore the call of your health by forcing yourself to workout. Instead, let the fitness regime slip off for a day or two. But don’t take too long to get back to the track. Borrow a small span of time enough to revitalize your mind and body.
    At such time, if not in mood to pursue hard core workout, you can indulge in activities of your choice like a short walk or swimming or dancing, whatever interests you. A way of staying fit while going for recreation.
    Taken care of all these concerns it is important to realize that without a proper tracking system all your efforts to stay fit will be just a waste of time. To take a conscious step towards a healthy life is one side of the story and governing your progress is another. Therefore, to stay thoroughly aware of your progress maintain a journal keeping a tap on every minute development going on in your body.
    Just shedding sweat is not enough, you need to also reward your efforts. On achieving even small positive result, treat yourself to congratulate the efforts put in by you. This will keep you motivated to work even harder the next time.
    The entire process is time consuming as the efforts don’t fetch results immediately. Therefore, patience is the only key in the long run to stay motivated.