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  • Friday, March, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:25:25
  • New Delhi: While the voters of national capital have performed their duty and await for their fate to be decided, CNN-IBN and IBN7 presents a special programming on counting day, all through the day.

    Commencing at 6 am, on February 10th, ‘Mission Delhi: Counting Day Coverage’ on CNN-IBN & ‘Dilli Mein Iss Baar Bedi Sarkar?’ on IBN7 will be hosted by the channel’s formidable team of editorial experts including Bhupendra Chaubey, Consulting Editor, CNN-IBN & Sumit Awasthi, Deputy Managing Editor, IBN 7 along with other experienced reporters and best panel of experts such as X, X, X, assures the most comprehensive counting day coverage and provide fastest updates from Ground Zero.

    Radhakrishnan Nair, Managing Editor, CNN-IBN said, “Network18 has been the pioneering channels in providing an extensive counting day coverage for all elections. Owing to the political instability in the Capital now, we promise to deliver the most decisive verdict and credible reporting on the counting day”.

    Sumit Awasthi, Deputy Managing Editor, IBN 7, said, “IBN7 counting day special will be a culmination of the expansive election reportage based on relentless journalism with a 360 degree approach. Dilli Mein Is Baar Bedi Sarkar? is our constant effort to bring for our viewers the latest updates from ground zero”.

    Do not miss this special counting day programming on CNN-IBN & IBN7 on 10th February, through the day starting 6 AM.