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  • Digital Entrepreneur Kishanu Karmakar Who Turned Diverse Businesses to Victory

    Published on July 12, 2021

    The increasing demand boosts employment and its opportunities are increasing in the digital marketing industry. Kishanu Karmakar, a Jaipur-based digital marketer, and entrepreneur whose knowledge drives business to success. From the last few years, digital marketing has taken a strong foothold in all industries. Because of its need, the necessity for experienced and hardworking digital marketers like Kishanu Karmakar is also high.

    Kishanu Karmakar, who made blogging and the internet his companion since the age of 18, did not inherit this position. Kishanu Karmakar, who was born on 28 July 1992 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.There are many ups and downs in their success journey, and overcoming all these, they have earned a name in the industry as a successful Digital Entrepreneur in India. He was always fond of the Internet, he thought of making his part-time passion a full-time career and went ahead with this. Due to unendurable knowledge of technology and blogging, he started getting job offers from big companies, In the early stages of his career, Kishanu Karmakar worked in MNC Companies to gain proficiency. Today well-known personalities, the film industry, local and international brands want to achieve internet and digital fame with the help of their assistance, intellectuality, thoughts, and expertise.

    How Kishanu Karmakar became a successful entrepreneur

    Earning steady success, Kishanu Karmakar started his own Media Company – SNK Creation in 2013. Keeping in view the growing digital opportunity in the coming future, Kishanu Karmakar includes marketing, promotion, development, and branding services. Brands and individuals are all turning to digital marketers so that only digital marketing can help them grow. Knowing the benefits of digital marketing, young entrepreneur Kishanu Karmakar has developed himself into a professional Digital Marketer. Today, he is counted among the Top Digital Marketers of India; seeing that millions of youths consider him an inspiration and respect him. Having captivated many clients with his performance in these 11 years, Kishanu has maintained his prominence in the field of digital marketing and branding.

    Adopting the changing traditional marketing practices, Kishanu Karmakar has revolutionized the entrepreneurs with his performance. New startup firms, brands, digital marketers, and students consider him as their guide. In the initial phase; SNK Creation put more emphasis on quality, business policy, strategy to develop the brand value. These tactics communicated the change in the business design. In the last 11 years, Kishanu Karmakar has supported brands, people, artists, celebrities, influencers, actors, musicians, singers, authors, politicians, corporate companies, and international firms to grow and achieve milestones. Realizing the importance of time and knowledge; entrepreneur Kishanu Karmakar made his journey from blogging to top digital marketer and a mountain of trustworthy clients went on forming.

    Apart from being Digital Marketing, Kishanu Karmakar’s specialties also include Social Media Management, Google SEO, Web Development, Business Branding, Wikipedia Creation, Social Media Verification, Google Knowledge Panel, Instagram Marketing, Digital PR, and Advertising. His resource, confidence, and proficiency are the mantra of their achievement, because of which they have worked to turn many businesses and individuals towards victory. During the pandemic of covid-19, when most businesses decided to turn themselves digital; Kishanu Karmakar’s competence, experience, and traditional marketing idea helped maintain the quality of work in the industry. From business to artists, he took them to heights with his help. Today SNK Creation has turned into a news media company which proves that success is not achieved only by wanting; right thinking and knowledge matters.

    Kishanu Karmakar, who dreamed of a digital marketing company; made it a reality with his strong intentions and emerged as a Digital Entrepreneur in India. This digitization has given a lot of opportunities for Indian and international businesses and people; due to which the need for online reputation and business solutions are increasing. Knowing in advance this need to come in the future, Kishanu Karmakar has given priority to these subjects since 2013, which gives him a respectable designation in the trade. Their importance will be appreciated more in the coming years, and gradually the whole world will be affected by Kishanu Karmakar’s digital marketing knowledge. For more updates, you can follow him on Instagram @kishanukarmakar.


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