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  • Monday, February, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:41:58
  • New Delhi:  To showcase Egypt as a country that has regained confidence and stability after a major political turmoil recently, Egyptian Tourism is going all out to ensure spreading the message across the globe. South East Asia is the favorite now where Egypt is making tremendous efforts to project herself as a country that has resilience and ability to recover fast from the upheaval and yet is in a position to offer best comforts and hospitality to the international guests. Egypt Tourism Office in India, along with Egyptian Embassy in Thailand and Egyptair is participating in a tourism workshop and exhibition of travel destinations in Bangkok.

    “Lets Visit Egypt” is the theme of the tourism workshop and exhibition and a unique step to regain back the footfall of tourists to the Land of Pharaohs. Thailand is the host this year of the event that showcases Egypt as an ideal travel destination, highlighting the facilities, and packages provided by Egypt Air and hotel industry in the country in order to attract the tourist traffic. With about 14.7 million tourist arrivals last year, Egypt has emerged as a hot destination for travelers around the globe. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the travel itinerary for people from all over the world. No matter whether it’s a luxury, leisure, wellness or a MICE travel, visitors all through out prefer to explore the mystical land of the Pharaohs.

    The recent democratic political movement in Egypt was aimed at the development of the institutional framework of the state and a democratic society. With the recent developments, the tourism sector is all set to revive back and things are coming back to stability. Egypt is receiving immense support from several nations who have partnered to improve the situation by lifting travel advisories against Egypt. Embassies of Arab Republic of Egypt in various countries, Egyptian Tourism Office and Egypt Air have been working relentlessly on the objective of making the country a major tourist attraction once again.

    Speaking on the occasion, H.E Mr. Shamel Nasser, Ambassador, Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt in Thailand said,” Egypt has its 12% GDP from tourism. Hence, it is important that we do everything possible to attract tourists to our country once again as the political unrest had really impacted the tourist traffic to the country. We have jointly organized this event with Egypt Air and I hope too see a new Egypt soon in the coming months with the tourism getting back to its stable mode. This event is a initiative taken by us to promote Egypt as a destination and Egypt Air as a national carrier having strong network that covers the whole world.”

    Commenting on the participation Mr. Adel El Masry, Director Egypt Tourism Office said,“We feel honored to participate in this event to promote Egyptian Tourism which is continuously gaining confidence from its tourists about their safety and wellbeing in the country post political democratic movement. Tourists have started coming to Egypt as they are confident that they will not have any problems pertaining to their security and safety Egypt’s revolutionary spirit will be translated into clear strategies and action plans to restore Egypt’s tourism market share. The tourism authority is work toward its goal in cooperation with tour operators”

    “Attracting tourists needs a strategy which includes a combination of factors like frequent airline connectivity both domestic and international, reasonable air fares, and benefits for the travelers which EgyptAir is assertively taking into consideration our packages to increase tourist traffic in places such as Cairo, Luxor, Sharm el-Sheikh, Alexandria, Aswan which had suffered a slowdown during the democratic movement. Egypt Air along with the Egypt Tourism Office and the Embassy of Arab republic of Egypt, Thailand are all playing a very important role through this event which will enable Egypt Air to bring its plans and products to increase the air traffic.” Said Mr. Yousf Gadd, Director of Egypt Air in Thailand.

    “Egyptian Tourism Office will be participating in ‘IT & CMA Exhibitions’ in Bangkok during this year from 4th to 6th October”, added Mr Adel El Masry. “To bring the Thailand people closer to us, we also plan to organize food festivals and Egyptian Week that would include cultural extravaganza in Thailand this year. This will be a great way of bonding between the people of two nations,” said H.E. Shamel Naseer.

    Egypt boasts for its tourist destinations like Pyramids and Nile Cruise of Cairo, Red Seas and Sharm El Sheikh, Karnak Sun Temple and Valleys of Kings and Queens in Luxor besides the natural beauty, the nightlife and the health & wellness spots, the sensuous Belly dances and the spiritual Tanoura dances, rich cultural heritage, Egyptian cotton, museums and libraries, water sports amongst, the old city of Aswan, Alexandria amongst others. The centuries old tradition of making perfumes from the Egyptian flowers and Egyptian cuisine too are very inviting. Golfing is another attraction that Egyptian tourism is developing.

    The Egyptian Tourism Office, Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt and the Egypt Air have been working rigorously to promote to grow the tourism industry in Egypt after the political movement. It has been a constant endeavor of Egyptian Tourism Office in India to develop and nurture the interest of all sections of travelers in Egypt. Egypt is always promoted as the hottest destination with state of the art facilities and enchantments of rich culture, tradition, history and natural beauty. Egypt has all the ingredients to make a successful holiday destination – good hotels, myriad attractions, sightseeing locales, shopping, entertainment and of course food! Egypt is also well connected from major international cities.