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    Enjoy a smoke free kitchen with TTK Prestige’s Provo kitchen hoods using motion sensor and angular suction technology

    Published on May 13, 2021

    As the temperature soars, cooking is becoming an increasingly tedious and tiring endeavour. To reduce excess heat in the kitchen and remove odours, why not check out TTK Prestige’s new Provo range of kitchen hoods? With motion sensor technology, home cooks can now enjoy a smoke free kitchen with a wave of a hand. Provo kitchen hoods are available in 60cm and 90 cm variants.

    The angular suction technology means that a kitchen hood has its intake vents at an angle sucking the air away from the home cook making it more efficient. With 1000 m3/hr suction capacity, the Provo kitchen hood range improves air quality by removing pollutants and irritants.  When switched on, the difference is clearly visible as the smoke and vapors from the food directly flow into the vent sideways, keeping the air in your kitchen clean and healthy. The kitchen hood even reduces food odors and harmful carbon monoxide that emanate during the cooking process.

    Prioritizing aesthetics and functionality, the Provo range has an attractive sliding door which adds the wow factor to your kitchen. The tough heat resistant tempered glass and the robust powder coated steel body ensures durability and a long life. Dual LED lamps come in handy when there is a need for additional illumination. A stainless steel oil collector, seamlessly traps all the oil. The thermal auto clean feature ensures that cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen hood is a breeze.