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    Entrepreneur Dilawar Singh & Founder Of Omega Pro Says ‘Never Give Up’ Mindset Helped Him Achieve His Goals

    Published on April 10, 2021

    “Setbacks are the second foothold towards success, and as much one fails, he comes to a step closer to success, says Dilawar Singh, an Entrepreneur and founder of Omega Pro World, a FOREX trading platform. To reach this stage in his career, Singh worked hard and was open to any knowledge and ideas to help him achieve his goals.

    Dilawar Singh, an Indian born who studied in Germany, had a deep interest in sports. He worked as a sports trainer for years before he decided to become an entrepreneur. When he realised the scope of networking marking and trading, Singh made up his mind to create a business in the same field. Well, today, he has set an example to thousands of dreamers like him with his accomplishments.

    Talking about Diwalar’s Omega Pro World, the FOREX trading company works with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has clients in more than 100 countries globally. His main company has different branches that handle the exchange, brokerage, forex, banking, and trading.

    When Dilawar Singh was asked how his entrepreneurial journey was, he answers, “When I was into my typical work routine as a sports trainer, I realised I could do more than that. I thought, why not invest those 8 hours in building something of my own in network marketing and earn better and build connections worldwide. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I struggled and failed. But my mindset is of never giving up, and I kept working, and finally, my efforts have paid off well.”

    Despite having a flourished company, Dilawar wants to expand his business more in the coming two years. Singh says, “As my business is entirely about marketing, in the next two years, I want to expand my companies. There is no plan B. I am a firm believer that your dreams don’t come true unless you act on them.”