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  • Anyone would like a restroom layout that would complement the overall theme of their space. Designing restrooms may seem like a very interesting task to some, but others might find it challenging. 

    For more information on bathroom layouts, you can reach out to Victoria Plum. For anyone designing the bathroom structure, there are some essential elements to consider.

    Keep reading to find out more as we dive into the details of these elements. 


    An essential part of any architectural space is the lighting, and restrooms are no exception. A well-lit bathroom would draw attention to the details and reduce the risk of slip and fall. 

    Different illumination forms are required for various areas of a restroom. For example, the vanity, sink, tub, toilet area, and shower need different lighting systems. Altogether, they give your bathroom a trendy and unified appearance. Listed below are some examples of bathroom lighting options:

    1. Mirror Backlighting 

    For a restroom, mirror backlighting has always been a must-have. Since this is the area where you usually get dressed, it should have soft yet sufficient light to assist you. The illumination is also ideal for different other tasks that need illumination. These include putting on make-up, shaving, brushing, or cleaning. 

    1. Strip Lights with LEDs 

    LED strip lights provide maximum luminosity with minimal energy consumption. They are non-toxic and pleasant to touch as well. They allow simple installations and come in a variety of color tones, making them ideal for any layout. 

    1. Spotlights

    Spotlights are ideal for bathing areas and vanity units. They are gentle but luminous enough and blend in well with other illumination sources. 

    1. Hanging Lights 

    These lights can suit the master and guest restrooms well. With sufficient lighting, they also provide a sense of elegance to the toilet. 

    1. Wall-Mounted Lighting 

    Often placed on either side or above a mirror or vanity, wall-mounted lightings are a classic style. They come in various styles, themes, and colors.

    Bathroom Enhancements

    Bathroom accessories are equally important as kitchen and room accessories. The usability of your restroom will enhance by a variety of contemporary furnishings. Here are some essentials that you must include in your living area’s most vital space.

    1. Grab Handles 

    Grab bars would be an excellent approach to ensure the security of elderly family members using the restrooms. These can be installed in the shower or near the toilet seat.

    1. Towel Rods 

    To hold the hand towels and bath towels, this is an essential item for any restroom. Nothing can maintain your bath linens in order better than rods.

    1. Shower Nooks

    These are built-in storing attachments that go into the walls of the bathing area to keep your grooming essentials organized and accessible.

    1. Corner Shelves 

    Install corner shelving in restrooms to keep all things together rather than scattering them all over the place.  It is also an intelligent space-saving tip that keeps your counter tidy.


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