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  • Friday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:29:08
  • A social summit is a platform that brings together the socially active groups present all across a particular region. Banglahunt Social Summit became a platform for the content creators of the Bengali Community. It was brought up with a genuine intention of addressing and appreciating the profession of content creation and recognizing it as a mainstream profession.

    This grand event was sponsored by Think To Share IT Solutions PVT. LTD at Fairfield Marriott on the 10th of September,2022. Almost all of West Bengal’s top content creators and influencers on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram were invited. Bangla Hunt has recognized the Best Bengali Content Creators in various fields of designation. West Bengal’s top Bengali digital media outlet, Bangla Hunt, is a division of Banglahunt Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.

    This event was put together with the title sponsor Think to Share – a Web Development Company in Kolkata, and Rapido as co-sponsor of the event- Banglahunt Social Summit 2022. Top West Bengal leaders and Bengali community content creators were also spotted in this seminar.

    The most exciting part of the event was the awards session. This was the first time ever when Bengali Content Creators were to be recognized for their contribution to the world of original content creation and creativity. Social Summit 2022 nominated and awarded various content creators who were the best in their own fields. Several of the prizes, along with the recipients’ names and social media handles, are as follows:

    Best Youtuber awarded to:

    1.Indrani Biswas.

    Social media handle- Wonder Munna

    Best Comedy Content Creator (Male) awarded to:

    1. Unmesh Ganguly (People’s Choice).

    Social Media Handle-Bankura Memes

    2.Shamik Adhikari  (Jury’s Choice)

    Social Media Handle-Nonsane

    Best Comedy Content Creator (Female) awarded to:

    1.Urna Banerjee(People’s Choice)

    Social Media Handle-Angry Didi

    2.Iti Karma(Jury’s Choice)

    Social Media Handle-CandidCaly

    Best Infotainment Content Creator awarded to:

    1.Jhilam Gupta

    Social Handle-Jhilam Gupta

    It was a great step taken by Bangla Hunt to appreciate the efforts of young content creators and to push them further in their careers. Krishna Chandra Garain, CEO of Banglahunt Digital Media Pvt Ltd, reflects upon the reason that drove the holding of this event. He said, “The sole motto of this event is to recognize and appreciate the content creators with special regard to the Bengali community. This event glorifies the world of content creators and brings it closer to the people of our country. The result of this and such forthcoming events would end up bringing the same respect to a YouTuber or Video Creator as Engineers and Doctors. Thus, addressing Content Creation as one of the most worthy and seekable professions.”

    Udayan Biswas, Managing Director of Banglahunt Digital Media Pvt ltd claimed the uniqueness of this event as he said, “This would be the first ever event which concentrates on giving special recognition to the Content Creators of Bengali Community. We shall extend the boundaries of this event to involve similar summits at different places and in other languages.”

    Avik Bhattacharya, Marketing Manager of Bangla Hunt, also brought about the significance of this event in his words,  “We frequently find such award companies which award the actors, actresses of big and small screens. But we realized that this overshadowed the influencers. So we thought to bring all the content creators together by starting from our very own Bengali community.”

    Banglahunt Social Summit, 2022 became the first event to mark the success of Bengali Content Creators and Influencers. Krishna Chandra Garain has been instrumental in bringing the world of creativity to the attention of modern society.


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