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  • Foodhall presents the Middle Eastern Food Festival ” Allow yourself to be transported to the wonders of the Arabic food culture”

    Published on March 11, 2014

    New Delhi :   Middle Eastern culture reflects the dichotomy between ancient and modern, traditional and contemporary. Cuisine in the Middle East is diverse and changes depending on the country. Some dishes are specific to one region and flavoring techniques may change from country to country.

    Middle Eastern platter with pita bread, hummus and cous cousThe past decade has seen Middle Eastern cuisine’s global profile skyrocketing. Fresh, wholesome, healthy, rich, aromatic, Foodhall vows to pamper the taste buds of a food connoisseur and recreate the magic of typical flavors from the Middle East and brings The Middle Eastern Food festival.

    Always a festival favorite -Foodhall brings an unrivalled culinary expedition of flavors of the Middle Eastern region highlighting the cuisines of Lebanaon, Morocco, Israel, Syria, Greece, Egypt, the gulf region. Mouth-watering products brought together in celebration of life, drawing similarities between Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Foodhall is all set to rustle up authentic culinary experience from the Middle East.

    Known as the main food of The Bedouin is the dessert Baklava- Kunafa counter at Foodhall presents the finest – Baklava platters, date platters which will be kept ready at various points in the store for consumers .Throughout Foodhall sampling will be carried out.

    With innovation being the driving force behind Foodhall’s live kitchens the live demo kitchens introduce 2 unique types of Falafel- a green herbed and a red spicy falafel. In addition to the Falafels, the selection of bite size cold and hot dishes served throughout the day in the Middle East commonly known as Mezze also witnesses two unique additions 3 layered Mediterranean dip and Labneh.

    The cheese counter offers more of your favorite cheeses , more to taste, more to experience as a middle eastern pizza will be sampled at the counter. All the necessary toppings such as olives, sun dried tomatoes will also be available. Boasting with an array of cuisines from the region, namely Lebanon, Morocco, Israel, Syria, Greece, Egypt, the Gulf Region the salad , sandwich, soup station and the meat section presents delicacies like the veg falafel wrap , Chicken shawarma, Couscous salad ,Mediterranean chicken salad , the Middle Eastern Lentil soup, Chicken Shorba, Shish taouk, Chicken breast marinated in harissa and marinated Tunisian Lamb to name a few.

    Living up to their promise of offering much more, Foodhall offers a wide range of Olive oil as it is an extremely popular ingredient in the middle eastern kitchens. From dips to rice dishes, tangines, vegetables, the Middle Eastern’s use  some or the other form of olive oil. Flavoured olive oil and Argan oil- traditional Moroccan oil will also be promoted and sampled. Walnut oil, hazelnut oil, grape seed oil  which are also used in this cuisine especially in salads will also be available in Foodhall.

    The Middle Eastern region is very popular for its aromatic spices. Foodhall will offer a wide array of spices like sumac, zahtaar, ras-al-hanout, dukkah (nature smith, Alfez)  to its consumers. The  ASA spice counter will offer the hummus mix, shawarma mix, sumac, Zaatar, dukkah, ras-al-hanout, paprika, thyme, mint, oregano in addition to their regular spices.

    Zahtar dusted pita bread  and Middle eastern flatbread at the bakery section will prove to be a sensory delight.

    Recreating the perfect middle eastern magic of richness, aroma and celebration , Foodhall presents an array of culinary essentials of  the Middle East dry fruits , dates and mint tea. Roasting ,Caramelizing and flavouring of cashew and almonds will be done throughout the festival.