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  • Monday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:23:04
  • Mumbai:  Like Buddy Valastro said, “The key to a good meal is simplicity and the right seasoning.” And that is just what Masala Tokri and Freshpick hope to achieve with their collaboration.

    Malasa Tokri, the homegrown masala brand, and Freshpick, the fresh meat and fish delivery brand, have collaborated to help make home cooking a whole lot easier and yummier for their customers. The Masala Tokri team started the collaboration by launched three limited-edition masala mixes that can be used to whip up a quick dish using the meats and fish products from Freshpick.

    Make biryani at home, using select meats from Freshpick and the Awadhi biryani masala from Masala Tokri. Allow your family to relish in Mavani Meat Curry, homemade in your kitchen, or take a trip to Goa through a plateful of Goan Fish Curry made in your house.

    The ease of ordering meat online and getting it delivered to your doorsteps via Freshpick and the use of Masala Tokri’sTokri’s masala mix makes the whole process faster, easier, and yummier. The spices and masala mixes are curated, keeping in mind the different meats and fish available at Freshpick. Both teams are actively working on curating more masala mixes that help prepare meat-based dishes effortlessly at home. Through this collaboration, they hope to help the “foodie community” in Mumbai explore their home cooking skills as they use the masalas and meats for cooking up a perfectly seasoned meat-based meal at home.

    Both brands are delighted to work together since both love satisfying the hunger cravings of their customers.

    Fresh picks Founder & CEO Mr. Vyal said,” Masala Tokri’sTokri’s recipes are natural, authentic, and scrumptious. It should be a complementary fit to our existing Freshpick product portfolio.” At the same time, the Masala Tokri Team was delighted to find a brand that synergizes well with their brand.

    Aarti Samant, the co-founder of Masala Tokri, added, “We have been on the lookout to create synergies with complimenting brands that are as obsessed with quality as we are, and Freshpick is just the right match.”

    This collaboration is something the home cooks and “foodie” community of Mumbai will relish with tummy satisfying delight.


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