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  • Monday, January, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:54:15
  • Functionality testing of RAIDIX 5.1 software on HOSTVM virtualization platform was successful.

    Experts from HOSTVM, a developer of virtualization platforms, tested the functionality of RAIDIX software for SDS in a virtual environment.

    The testing included five stages:

    1. Installing and configuring the RAIDIX virtual machine on the HOSTVM virtualization platform, connecting to the virtual machine console via Spice / VNC during installation.

    2. Connecting virtual drives to the created virtual machine with OS RAIDIX 5.1. Checking the correctness of displaying the status and capacity of the connected virtual drives.

    3. Creation and configuration of RAID arrays using RAIDIX 5.1, as well as preparation for the presentation of various LUNs based on the created arrays.

    4. Presentation of the created LUNs to various virtual machines running on the HOSTVM virtualization platform. Checking the correct operation of the presented LUNs.

    5. Testing the operation of typical mechanisms for managing virtual machines: creating from a template, cloning, migrating a virtual machine between servers and storages, backing up, and restoring a virtual machine.

    The test results confirmed the correct operation of both software components.

    Operating HOSTVM and RAIDIX in Storage Infrastructures

    The HOSTVM platform is designed for virtualization of servers, workstations, and applications (also for ensuring effective remote work). RAIDIX 5.1 software allows users to create fault-tolerant storage systems with high-speed block and file access.

    The implementation of HOSTVM and RAIDIX software products brings the advantages of an integrated system based on SDS and virtual infrastructures:

    • more efficient distribution of server resources among services,

    • uninterrupted access to data even under abnormal and peak storage conditions,

    • reduction of equipment costs.

    The companies’ representatives commented on the results of the tests:

    “The work carried out to integrate HOSTVM virtualization platform and RAIDIX is the basis for building the architecture of a software-defined data center both at the level of computing resources virtualization and at the level of data storage systems. Using HOSTVM in conjunction with RAIDIX allows to increase the utilization of server hardware and use it as storage resources, reducing the cost of purchasing external hardware storage systems”, commented Ivan Klimov, Head of Development of the HOSTVM Virtualization Platform.

    Sergey Platonov, VP for Strategic Development, RAIDIX, noted: “Confirmation of software compatibility is great news. Last year, everyone realized that it was impossible to postpone the development of the IT infrastructure, and now virtual environments are being used more and more often, which is quite reasonable. In terms of the approach to the use of enterprise data, the capabilities of HOSTVM and RAIDIX can be called transformational”.