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    How Young Indians are Turning Gambling into Entertainment

    Published on March 10, 2020

    Creativity and open-mindedness are two of the greatest assets of Indian youths. The current generation has watched technology evolve from rotary phones to smartphones, watched cars go from stick shift to automatic to self driving. 

    Growing up in this atmosphere of constant change and technological advancement, young Indians are adept at changing their surroundings as per their requirements. One such change is the unification of gambling and sports, but in a far more mainstream manner than before.

    For the Indian youth, gambling is no longer taboo or dangerous, it is a pastime or hobby like any other.

    There have been three major factors behind this broad change in perspective.


    • Improved Internet Penetration: With the opening of home-grown internet service providers like Jio, millions of people across the country have gained access to online services, one of them being sports betting sites. As the internet reaches more corners of the nation, more and more people will discover the joys of betting.


    • Gambling-Accessible Forms of Cricket: Thanks to the popularity of cricket, there are more betting sites in India than ever before. This trend was further boosted by the T20 format, which is far easier to gamble on.

      Matches last barely 3-4 hours, allowing young Indians to tune in, place their bets, quickly see if they’ve won, and move on to the next bet. This is especially attractive in the current fast-paced era, allowing young people to play easily and quickly.


    • Changing Societal Views: With the increase in globalisation, India has started adopting more liberal views, especially when it comes to activities like gambling. Older views were heavily influenced by British-era laws, and now young Indians are wondering why those laws exist. 

    Plus, gambling is lent a layer of legitimacy when it involves cricket, since we practically worship the sport. By combining cricket and gambling, young Indians have created a market that is only going to grow. Already, on many betting sites, cricket is the most popular sport to bet on!

    What views did previous generations hold?

    Before the rise of the internet, gambling was mostly performed during festivals or on a one-to-one basis. Due to heavy enforcement of the Public Gambling Act and general societal disapproval, gambling was not seen as entertainment, but as a dangerous activity, with heavy gamblers being shunned by society.

    As the years go by, many laws surrounding gambling are changing. Even now, many young Indians have gone to foreign countries to open gambling startups serving the Indian population. They feature games like Rummy and Teen Patti, which appeal primarily to the Indian market. 

    A loophole was recently discovered as well, allowing for the creation of fantasy cricket leagues, which qualify as games of skill rather than chance.

    With all these changes coming rapidly, the Indian gambling industry is in a state of flux. Young Indians are transforming the industry, turning it into a leisure activity and making it so all can play.