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  • ICICI Bank launches iFinance , a single-view for savings and current accounts across banks

    Published on October 13, 2023

     Mumbai: ICICI Bank announces the launch of ‘iFinance’, enabling crores of customers-retail and sole proprietors, to get a consolidated view of their savings and current accounts in one place. Customers of other banks can also get the benefit from this facility, which ICICI Bank has introduced by leveraging the Account Aggregator ecosystem, on the Bank’s digital platforms, namely iMobile Pay app, Retail Internet Banking (RIB), Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) and InstaBIZ, the Bank’s mobile app for businesses.

    ‘iFinance’ provides a single-view dashboard of all accounts. Users can check account balances, get valuable insights on spending patterns, download statements and more. The dashboard offers significant convenience to users and assists them to exercise better control over expenses and monitor their finances in a seamless manner. 

    Speaking on the launch, Mr. Sidharatha Mishra, Head- Digital Channels, ICICI Bank, said, “We, at ICICI Bank, remain committed to offer futuristic and innovative digital solutions to our customers. With the launch of ‘iFinance’, we are enabling our customers as well as customers of other banks to view their account data in one place and provide them a better control over their finances. This is the Bank’s initiative to introduce the convenience of open banking for customers by leveraging the Account Aggregator ecosystem. This unique feature also provides users with the facility to manage their expenses by analysing their spending patterns in a safe and secured place. The ‘iFinance’ facility is available across our mobile banking and internet banking platforms which provide ease of access to account information to the customers. We believe this new feature will help the users to conveniently monitor and manage their finances.”

    The key features of ‘iFinance’ facility are:

    •            Linking and viewing of all accounts: Users can securely link their savings and current accounts with all banks and view account balances at one place

    •            Summary of income and expenditure: The facility allows users to get insightful summary of their income and expenditure which helps them monitor their finances properly

    •            Track spending / payments: Users can track their spends and get category wise information of their expenses. This helps them in managing their expenses and overall financial health

    •            Complete user control: The facility also provides increased convenience as the users can link and de-link accounts on real-time basis

    •            Detailed statement(s): With this facility, users can also download consolidated account statement(s) of all linked Bank accounts

    Users can avail ‘iFinance’ facility by following these steps:

    •            Log in through ICICI Bank’s digital platform(s) namely iMobilePay, Retail Internet Banking, Corporate Internet Banking and InstaBIZ

    •            Click on the ‘iFinance’ button and verify credentials

    •            After the verification is completed, all Bank accounts that the users are holding with ICICI Bank and other banks, will be pre-populated

    •            The user can select the Bank to link and provide consent to link accounts

    •            Approved accounts will be displayed to the user

    Also, customers of other banks can avail this feature by following the below steps:

    •            Download the app

    •            Register with mobile number

    Click on ‘iFinance’ and follow the same steps mentioned above


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