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  • In interview with the leading fitness inspiration – Sunny Mehrotra

    Published on December 5, 2022

    Fitness happens to be the goal for all generations right? What if we tell you we have here our ideal man motivating us from his journey and giving us insights of his life. That’s a lesson for us right there from the champ.
    1.Tell us about yourself and what do you do?My name is Sunny Mehrotra, native of Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh, India, the owner and director of two gyms here in Lucknow. I’m also a fitness and fashion model. I have won the Men’s Universe and hold the title of Mr. India, cut to, I’m a fitness enthusiast.

    2.Tell us about your education and family background?I am an MBA, from Cardiff University, U.K. I come from a business family where we deal in stock markets. Today, I have made my passion my career i.e. Fitness.

    3.What are the challenges you faced throughout your journey?The biggest challenge one can face is when your family doesn’t support you in your endeavor. They consider it a risk so it’s a little difficult to go against them and do what u want.

    4.We constantly see you motivated for work. Where does that motivation come from?This motivation comes from the desire to be number 1 in whatever I do. When I am into something, I give my 100%. I have a vision for myself and am ready to do what it takes to be there.

    5.As a model, do you think people look at you differently ?Yes, I think I influence people to a great extent. When people approach me saying I have a great physique and talk about my modelling, influencing journey they usually don’t realize the handwork put behind it.

    6. What is your goal ahead in life ?My goal is continuous improvement in whatever I do in life. I want to follow my passion and keep on working hard to achieve success.

    7.Piece of advice you would give to our readers?To start early. Having same meals everyday, staying hydrated and working out might not give you immediate results but will benefit you in long run. Work hard, train hard and be focused towards your goals.With all this motivation, hopefully now we are ready to make right choices. Sunny, indeed has been a boon for us.


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