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  • Ixia Redefines Network Bypass Switch Market

    Published on August 12, 2016

    Bangalore :  Ixia , a leading provider of network testing, visibility, and security solutions, today announced iBypass™ VHD, a modular, high-density, inline bypass switch that sets a new standard for network bypass switches available today.  iBypass VHD, the highest density bypass switch on the market today, combines reliable Ixia technology with next-generation intelligence and flexibility to help ensure that security tools have continuous visibility into network traffic.  The newest addition to the company’s expanding portfolio of bypass switches, iBypass VHD can improve security infrastructure uptime and overall reliability with consistent network visibility and monitoring.

    Today’s organizations face many network concerns, including an increasing volume of multiprotocol traffic at higher data rates and mounting security threats. Deploying inline tools to inspect and control network traffic can help block incoming threats, but inline tools can also complicate network operations while creating numerous potential points of failure which can significantly compromise network uptime and disrupt business continuity.

    Ixia’s bypass switches deliver fail-safe, inline protection that helps safeguard a network with automated failover, which prevents temporary tool outages from escalating into costly network outages. Ixia’s iBypass VHD is the first bypass switch to support both active-standby and active-active network/security architectures.  Active-standby offers improved security resilience with a primary and secondary tool that helps ensure ongoing network monitoring.  Active–active enables a diverse deployment of security tools to maximize existing and new IT investments.

    Rapid deployment and centralized management deliver immediate time to value

    Ixia’s iBypass VHD offers at least 1.5 times the density of all other bypass switches available, and provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use, interface. Its drag-and-drop functionality significantly reduces setup time and ongoing support costs.

    It is the only bypass switch offering preset, integrated security tool heartbeats built into the user interface. Preconfigured to automatically integrate with security tools via a single click, iBypass VHD is designed for rapid set up and delivers immediate time to value, while limiting potential errors during deployment.

    Ixia iBypass VHD offers centralized and simplified management, leveraging Indigo Pro.  Indigo Pro is a central management tool for bypass switches that simplifies and speeds configuration and management of tens to hundreds of devices, which is ideal for any large-scale, dispersed deployments. This enables organizations to quickly implement a resilient security architecture across their entire network infrastructure.