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  • Lakeman of India, Anand Malligavad honoured as Sony BBC Earth’s Earth Champion

    Published on January 19, 2024

     Sony BBC Earth, one of the most loved factual entertainment channels, introduces Mr. Anand Malligavad, the Lakeman of India as the ‘Earth Champion. Hailing from Karnataka’s Koppal district, Mr. Malligavad has become a prominent figure in the fields of water conservation and environmentalism. His remarkable contributions have earned him the prestigious Community Service Award from the Rotary Foundation.

    Mr. Malligavad began his journey of change in 2017 and has played a pivotal role in rejuvenating 35 lakes in Bengaluru and a total of 80 lakes across India, covering an expansive 720 acres. Beyond Bengaluru, Anand Malligavad’s dedication to water conservation has left a lasting impact on communities. In collaboration with the Sansera Foundation in 2017, he led the restoration project for Kyalasanahalli Lake near Anekal. Two years later, he established the Malligavad Foundation, transitioning from his engineering profession to the cause of water conservation. In addition to his fieldwork, he actively engages with the younger generation, visiting educational institutions and delivering insightful talks on the crucial subject of water conservation.

    Recognising Earth Champions is a testimony to Sony BBC Earth’s commitment to honouring real-life heroes who are making a substantial impact on our planet. It is a property through which the channel showcases the work done by the Earth Champions in a short-form content format. The video is telecasted on the channel and promoted on network channels apart from the online medium.


    Rohan Jain, Business Operations Head – Sony AATH and Head – Marketing & Insights, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks India.

    “We are proud to bring forth stories of resilience and change each month through Earth Champions. Mr. Anand Malligavad’s unwavering dedication to water conservation and his transformative efforts are a testament to the extraordinary impact an individual can make. We hope that his story ignites positive change and inspires people to contribute toward a sustainable future.”

    Anand Malligavad, Indian water conservationist and environmentalist, The remarkable “Lakeman of India,”

    “Embracing the title of the Earth Champion bestowed upon by Sony BBC Earth is not merely a personal honour but a shared celebration of the relentless efforts of every individual dedicated to nurturing a greener world. This recognition resonates as a resounding call to action for each citizen because every drop matters in the vast ocean of change. Together, hand in hand, let us amplify our impact and guarantee a thriving Earth for generations to come.”


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