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  • Saturday, July, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:13:42
  • After Comedy Nights with Kapil’s breakaway show Mad In India Actor & Comedian Rehman Khan has planned a breakaway show of his own titled ‘Love, Sex N’ Politics’. This political satire promises to be a roller coaster ride filled with laughter and thought provoking anecdotes.

    rehman khan‘I was always a keen observer of politics and comedy has always been my second skin and this year I realized that Politics is comedy’ says Rehman Khan. After doing over 200 live shows and over 20 reality shows on Television, Rehman Khan has now decided to concentrate on English Stand up comedy.

    According to Khan “The English Stand up scene is really exploding in India. Also the audience to this emerging comedy scene is far more receptive to edgy comedy and hence the scope for experimenting is much more”. Keeping all this in mind Mr Khan  decided to launch his first Hinglish Stand up special.  Rehman says that his show will answer politically incorrect questions  like why does Arvind Kejriwal always get slapped, will Rahul Gandhi ever get married, is Narendra Modi really a bachelor and how does one become a Mayawati?

    The buzz is that Rehman has planned quite a few stand up specials in the coming few months.

    The first show of Love Sex N Politics will take place on 9th May, 2014 at Canvas laugh factory, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

    Source: Sachin Murdeshwar


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