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  • Mamafeast’s natural food range celebrates Mothers every day by providing essential nutrients to families

    Published on May 13, 2022

    • NextG Apex’s own brand of made-in-India, nutritious ready-to-eat breakfast food range called ‘Mamafeast’ celebrates Mothers everyday by providing nutritious breakfast for their families.
    • What a Mother feeds, the nation eats. Hence, Mamafeast has been crafted as a healthy morning breakfast range that is extensive and affordable, so whenever mothers need to plan nourishing meals for the family, they have to look no further than Mamafeast.  
    • Other than activities planned on its social media platforms for Mother’s Day, Mamafeast has long-term CSR plans for mothers that it will unveil throughout the course of the year.

    New Delhi : NextG Apex India Pvt Ltd, a 360-degree retail sales and executive company that has built a sustainable foundation for their products and works towards the collective upliftment of the society, celebrates mothers every day through their ready-to-eat breakfast food range ‘Mamafeast’. A healthy morning meal range which is crafted from finest natural ingredients so as to be a power-packed source of vegan protein and dietary fibre at a reasonable cost, Mamafeast celebrates the love and hard work Mothers put into raising happy families everywhere. Not only that, the brand also has plans to continue these celebrations throughout the entire year.      

    Mr. Amarnath Halember, Executive Director & CEO, NextG Apex India Pvt Ltd. says, “As a brand, our vision for Mamafeast is to help Mothers everywhere provide healthy breakfast and any-time snack options that’s packed with nutrition to their families. Hence, by using the finest natural ingredients we promise to provide quality products, the same way a Mother looks after her family. This is because we believe what a Mother feeds, the nation eats. Our source of inspiration for this brand has always been our own hard-working mothers who manage the family and make healthy food after choosing the best farm-to-fresh ingredients available. Hence, besides the nutrition factor, we are also conscious of our price points so that Mothers from all strata are encouraged to choose Mamafeast products for their children and families. Hence, Mother’s Day celebrations are at the heart of our annual plans and along with activities planned on our social media platforms for Mother’s Day, we have some long-term CSR plans for Mothers that we will unveil throughout the course of the year. The welfare of single mothers who carry their families entirely on their shoulders will feature extensively in these plans.”

    As a brand, Mamafeast wishes to make it easy for Mothers to take care of their families and provide for them in all ways they deem fit. Hence, a bulk of the CSR activities in the works will necessarily centre on this theme for this year.

    To get your hands on Mamafeast Cornflakes, Mamafeast Muesli, Mamafeast Peanut Butter and Mamafeast Chocolate Spread, other than your nearest retail store they are also available across India through leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon.com & Flipkart.com.


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