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  • Maximus Films Launched Public Service Film – “Headrest” Which Address the Issue of Kids Dying In Car Due To Suffocation

    Published on February 22, 2019

    Marking the theme of Road Safety, Maximus Films in association with Shaman Wheels – a leading dealership for Mercedes-Benz cars in Mumbai launched the public service film “Headrest. The objective of the movie is to clear the MYTH that “Headrest” in cars are meant to break-open the glass in case of a trap and create awareness around educating your kids on alternative to break open the glass in case of emergency. The film is based on passenger’s safety specially kids.

    The launch event witnessed Hockey Player Sandeep Singh, Actress Amrita Rao, Meenakshi Dixit, Payal Ghosh, Beena Banerjee, Flora Saini, Akhil Mishra, Pawan Mahendru, Suzanne Bernert, Comedian Balraj Syal and others who urged everyone to keep their kid’s safe and avoid adversaries.  Committed to bring awareness to the various issues affecting the society at large, Headrest is directed by renowned Director Sandeep M Singh, who is known for his International project with History channel and advertisement.

    Actress Amrita Rao said, “Safety of kids is always a major concern for all of us. Films with such social issues should be made more often as it helps to create awareness. It’s always better to take precautions and live safely, I wish all the best to Sandeep and his team”.

    Hockey Player Sandeep Singh said, “Being a sportsperson I know the importance of health and safety and when it comes kid’s safety, we as a parent should be extra careful. Kids are innocent and they become helpless so it is very important for us to educate our kids to avoid any adversaries”.

     “It was around five years ago that I came across a newspaper article on three children dying after getting trapped in a car. They were little kids who didn’t know how to come out and this car was at an isolated area. No one could hear their scream and they all suffocated to death. It shook me like hell, said Mr. Sandeep M Singh Director Headrest and Founder of Maximus Films. “As a result, I started keeping safety tools in my car and even taught my daughter how to use them. Then one day, I read a social media post which said “Headrest are meant to break open the glass” which is not true. It’s a myth! Through our public service film ‘Headrest’, we want to create awareness around educating your kids on alternative to break open the glass in case of emergency “, he further added.

    Mr. Amar Sheth, MD Group Shaman Wheels said, “We take keen interest in customer education, we are confident that this film will create an awareness amongst people to keep safety tools handy with them in their vehicle in case of an emergency”.

    With more than 139,000 road deaths and casualties in India account for about 10% of road deaths worldwide. The Public Service film will be promoted across theatres and by many influencers across different social media platforms for the message to reach across India.


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