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  • Morning Concerts are as important as evening concerts: Ramprapanna Bhattacharya, Sitara Exponent

    Published on March 21, 2021

    Hyderabad: Morning Concerts are as important as evening concerts. There are ragas that are to be performed only in the morning.

     Lalit is a raga in Hindustani classical music. It is commonly described as serene and devotional and is performed at dawn. Morning Concerts like Shobhodayam organised by Tatvaa Arts in support with Telangana State Forest Development Corporation Ltd encourage such ragas. Without such concerts morning ragas may extinct said Shri Ramprapanna Bhattacharya, who performed Sitar Recital at Botanical Garden, Kondapur, Hyderabad on Sunday morning

    Tatvaa Arts has pioneered Shubhodayam, a series of free Morning concerts in public parks three months back at Dr GS Melkote Park. Now the concept is spread to the Botanical Garden. Another flute Recital will be held on 28th March at Botanical Gardens at Kondapur.

    The 90 minutes concert evoked a lot of response. More than 100 music lovers and 800 plus regular joggers and walkers of Botanical Garden enjoyed the Sitar Recital.  

    Shri Ramprapanna Bhattacharya accompanied by Shri Thakur Harijit Singh on tabla began Recital with Lalit Raag and concluded with Rag Bhairavi

    It is a special event. We are doing it on an experimental basis. The response today has been very good. Interest towards contemporary music is fading. More and more are enjoying classical music. Concert like this was surprisingly enjoyed by more youth today. If organised frequently like this, more non classical music lovers may start liking it. This music goes well with morning walkers. It is not disturbing. It is good for humans, animal life and plant life as well, said Mr Ravinder Reddy, GM of Telangana State Forest Development Corporation.

    Music has contributed for the holistic development of the society, said Prashanth, one of the organisers. This Morning Concert by Tatvaa Arts brings Live Music Close to Society and Walkers, he said.

    Bharath is nothing but ‘Bhava’ and ‘Rasa’ he said

    The great King Shri Sayyajirao Gaekwad of Baroda, pioneered and patronised to Garden Music, informed Prashanth.

    The concept is a brain child of Akhilesh Washikar and Tabla Gajender Shewalker.

    The concept took birth in January 2021 at Dr Melkote Park, Vitthalwadi, Narayanguda. It is a series of music concerts at public parks. The walkers will be enthralled with this kind of music.