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  • Monday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:08:47
  • Forensic is a movie starring Vikrant Massey, Radhika Apte, Prachi Desai, Rohit Roy and Subrata Dutta that’s set against the backdrop of Mussoorie. The movie follows a police officer and forensic specialist who are working together to find out how they can bring down the serial killer who ran loose in the area some days back. We won’t be able to tell you much more about this thrilling film as we want you all to experience its unknown twists and turns when it releases on ZEE5 on 24 June 2022. You can watch the movie online here.

    Welcome to misty Mussoorie, where finding a little girl’s body is just another downpour away. Here’s Johnny Khanna (played over-enthusiastically by Vikrant Massey), a forensic expert who likes to moonwalk into a crime scene and sing nursery rhymes (Johnny, Johnny…) to both corpses and the living alike till they die of cringe. But don’t worry – he knows what he’s doing!

    The Birthday killer is on the loose in picturesque Mussoorie and ‘no nonsense’ cop Megha (Radhika Apte) and impeccable forensic surgeon (who can drive like Jason Bourne when the script needs him to) Johnny (Vikrant Massey) are brought together to solve the case. After multiple viewings, it’s a mystery why this film seemed so dull but perhaps there was simply too much of a good thing because when the midpoint comes around there is no denying that the enthusiasm dies down a notch or two and the film’s plot holes begin to become more noticeable.

    The film accurately portrays forensic technique but makes a shift to the realm of fantasy while depicting psycho therapy. The movie’s run time of 2 hours and 14 minutes is apt. No time is wasted for exposition. Therapeutic songs like ‘Belagaam’, performed by Mikka Singh and Nikita Gandhi, energize an already engaging sequence. Character actors Subrata Dutta and Vindhu Randhava try to provide comic relief with their jokes but many of them don’t land much because they’re a bit heavy-handed in execution. The chemistry between Apte and Massey is the fun factor. Vikrant Massey performs strongly. Some of his mannerisms are animated but fortunately he sheds them as the movie progresses.

    ‘The big reveal’ at the end is far-fetched. Some may even find it problematic. This content is mildly enjoyable and does have some advantages if you’re looking for a film to pass the time for one or two hours and don’t particularly mind plot holes or flaws.


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