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  • Tuesday, August, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:42:40
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the role of farmers in the trying times of Corona pandemic.

    He said sowing of kharif crops has increased by 7 percent compared to last year in the country. He said the sowing of paddy has increased by approximately 10 percent while the sowing of pulses have gone up by around 5 percent.

    In the same period, sowing of coarse cereals has gained by almost 3 percent, oilseeds around 13 percent and cotton nearly 3 percent.
    PM Modi said a Bharatiya Krishi Kosh is being set up which will have complete information about the crops that are grown in each district and their related nutritional value.

    Stating that September will be observed as Nutrition Month in the entire nation, he called for increased focus on the value of quality nutrition. He said nation has the maxim –  “Yatha Annam Tatha Mannam” which means mental and intellectual development is directly related to the quality of food intake.

    The Prime Minister cited the opinion of experts that the better nutrition a child imbibes in the womb and during childhood, greater is the mental development and health.
    PM Modi highlighted the importance of public participation in the Nutrition movement. He recalled that over the past few years, a lot of effort has been made in this direction.

    Especially in villages, it is being converted into a mass movement with public participation.

    Schools have been integrated to generate awareness about nutrition and efforts are being made to ensure competitions for children.

    The Prime Minister said that just like there is a Class Monitor in the section, there should be a Nutrition Monitor and a Nutrition Card should also be introduced.
    During the course of the Nutrition Month, a food and nutrition quiz will also be organized on the My Gov portal, as well as a meme competition.

    PM Modi asked everyone to participate and motivate others in joining. He said a unique kind of nutrition park has been created for people visiting the Statue of Unity of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat.

    He said tourists can witness nutrition related education along with fun and frolic.
    Mr Modi stressed that a well-balanced and nutrient rich, diet plan should be drafted according to the season of a particular region. He advocated for the inclusion of local food grains, fruits and the vegetables.
    In a candid reference, the Prime Minister spoke about two brave hearts of security forces – Sophie and Vida. Sophie and Vida are the dogs of the Indian Army who have been awarded the Chief of Army Staff “Commendation Cards”. Sophie and Vida received this honour for performing their duties diligently while protecting their country.
    PM Modi said some time ago, he learnt in great detail about the role of dogs in the security of the country.

    One such canine named Balaram sniffed out ammunition on the route of the Amarnath Yatra. Another canine, Bhavana searched out IED in 2002. During unearthing the IED, terrorists triggered an explosion and the brave dog was martyred. Earlier in Bijapur in Chattisgarh, a sniffer dog Cracker of CRPF had attained martyrdom in an IED blast.

    PM Modi said dogs also have a significant role in Disaster Management and Rescue Missions.
    The Prime Minister mentioned that among the Indian breeds of dogs, Mudhol Hound and Himachali Hound are of excellent pedigree. Rajapalayam, Kanni, Chippiparai and Kombai are fabulous Indian breeds which cost less to raise and are better adapted to the Indian environment and surroundings. Security agencies are now also inducting these Indian breed dogs as part of their security squad.

    PM Modi said, people can consider bringing home one of these Indian breeds as pets and when Atmanirbhar Bharat is becoming a mantra, this domain should not be left untouched.
    PM Modi said Teacher’s Day will be celebrated in a few days from now on the 5th of September. He expressed happiness that not only have the teachers accepted the challenges posed by the pandemic, but have also turned it into an opportunity. He said technology has been seamlessly imbibed as a study tool.

    The Prime Minister highlighted that National Education Policy is bringing about a tectonic shift in the nation and teachers will play a significant role in disseminating its benefits to the students.
    India will celebrate 75th year of independence in 2022. Mr Modi said that it is imperative that today‚Äôs generation remains familiar with the heroes of India’s freedom struggle.

    He said a lot of work needs to be done in this direction and teachers have a significant responsibility. He asked students to research about the freedom struggle in their own districts and area. He said students of some schools can also resolve to write 75 poems and theatrical stories on the heroes of freedom movement to mark the 75th year of independence.
    The Prime Minister said this period is full of festivals, fairs and religious ceremonies. He said it is heartening to see people celebrating festivals and also observing discipline due to the COVID pandemic.

    He said the kind of patience and simplicity being witnessed this time is unprecedented. Even Ganeshotsav is being celebrated online at certain places and at most places eco-friendly Ganesh idols have been installed.
    PM Modi highlighted that Indian festivals are deeply connected with the environment. He pointed out that in West Champaran district of Bihar, people belonging to Thaaru tribal community have been observing a sixty-hour lockdown for centuries. The Thaaru community has adopted Barna as a tradition for protection of nature.

    During this period, no one enters the village or leaves their homes. They believe that if they step out or if someone enters from elsewhere, the to and fro movement along with other routine activities of people can lead to the destruction of new plants and trees.
    He said the festival of Onam is also being celebrated with gaiety and fervour. This festival arrives in the month of Chingam.

    During this period, people buy something new, decorate their homes, prepare Pookalam and enjoy Onam-Saadiya. PM Modi said Onam is increasingly turning out to be an international festival and its verve can be felt everywhere, be it America or Europe.