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  • Quirkiest home décor tips you must try before you turn 30! | From Greenlam Industries

    Published on September 29, 2021

    30s are all about experimentation and finding yourself. Similarly, finding your interior design style takes years with many trials and errors along the way. But that does not mean you are not allowed to be creative and imaginative with your space! Everybody wishes for a home that is youthful and vibrant beyond age. You can experiment with bold hues and statement interiors to express your buoyant desires. So put your creative hat on and follow these tips to strike the right balance between quirky and tasteful décor.

    Make a statement!

    We are all familiar with the phrase, ‘Less is More’. Transform your living room into a cozy, warm and vogueish haven that helps you recharge after a hectic day. Subtle rounded- shapes paired with bold colours, encapsulate a lively vibe that complements the modern wood aesthetic. A head-turning Royal Blue couch styled with a patterned throw pillow can become the centerpiece for your living room. Highlight this statement piece with arched shelves, rounded-coffee table, and comfortable ottoman stool, all in neutral tones, exuding a bohemian zeal. The space can serve as your relaxing retreat or aid for riveting conversations with houseguests.

    These anomalous décor items can be grounded with elements of wood as their classic elegance keeps the space cohesive. We suggest incorporating premium veneers, in a warm colour, like Sapele Crown from by Decowood Veneers from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. Their collection of highly practical and aesthetically appealing veneers provides a flawless finish to your spaces by minimizing the grooving & joining process. Decowood Veneers go beyond beautifying spaces; the veneers are sourced from responsibly managed forest reserves, and the wastage during manufacturing is reduced by a significant proportion, making them an eco-friendly surfacing solution.

    Paint the town Gray!

    Ultimate Gray being the Pantone colour of the year and Farmhouse style making a comeback, the outdoors can be introduced indoors in a modern, refined way. The trick is to pair vintage pieces that ooze countryside vibes with modern interiors. For instance, light, chapped wood décor items will look elegant when they’re thoughtfully placed against a neutral accent wall, on a corner cabinet spruced with plants and cozy throw blankets.

    A high-quality veneer will instantly add a refreshing charm to the space and add an extra element of wood. Decowood Veneers offers world-class veneers in myriads of textures, colours and designs. We suggest Ash Dyed Black, packed with superior durability and stunning aesthetics, manufactured through a stringent 8-step process, ensuring that you get nothing but the best, both in terms of looks and performance from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. It is the first of its kind, apt for paneling spaces with a high ceiling and long furniture surfacing. Additionally, finesse your decor styling by including muted and subtle shades of green and tan-brown as well as soothing traces of white to add dimension and visual interest, enlivening the space with vibrancy and freshness.

    The Case for the Kitchen

    You would be lying if your kitchen does not have a story to tell! With the right blend of style, accessories, and cottage style kitchen cabinets you can achieve a mixture of modern and millennial elegance that exhibits your personality and taste. With wood accents earnestly glowing, incorporate a timeless veneer for your kitchen. Gone are the days of unimaginative, all white kitchens, it is time to revamp!

    Consider dressing up the cabinets with Smoked Oak by Decowood Veneers by the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd., sourced from the most trusted species of wood to give your space unique sophistication and pure serenity. Decowood Veneers experiment with various chemical processes to achieve distinctive designs, innovative treatments, and special patterns, adding charm and sophistication to any space that adorns it. The veneers are immune to weather or temperature changes and retain their structural and aesthetic dimensions for a long time. To complement the bright intricacies of this veneer, add a mix of gold, silver and brass metals for your fixtures and sink. The kitchen should not feel cramped, consider adding a floating shelf to display your most treasured kitchenware or even cookbooks! The aesthetics of a kitchen can play a vital role in enhancing your culinary experience, making cooking more fun and the food more flavoursome.


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