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    Rakesh Kumar Yadav, an Athlete, supports other Athletes by providing necessary equipment to help them thrive at a competitive level

    Published on May 4, 2021

    Only athletes can understand the feelings of other Athletes. India is a big Nation it is not easy to make a place in any sports. Rakesh Kumar Yadav, an Indian Athlete from Uttar Pradesh who specializes in Hammer throw. 

    Rakesh Kumar Yadav has an Indian National record of 70.16m in the discipline on 17 July 2003 during the Second National Athletic Circuit Meet in Bangalore. His story is an inspirational one. He worked hard and made a name in sports at a young age. But due to lack of facilities, he left cricket and other games in which he was master and would have done wonders for India at the international level. 

    After his sports career, he joined Puma India, where he got the entire team’s support, especially the heads of Puma India. His dream of helping young kids in his state started to become a reality. He started two academies named Dreams Sports Academy to help kids who are good at sports but not having the appropriate equipment to take that to the national and international level. He is an unsung hero working behind the scenes for sports athletes for many years now. 

    Today many cricketers support him and his cause. You can see photos on different sites where Rakesh Kumar Yadav is posing with big names of the Indian cricket currently playing in the National team. 

    Rakesh Kumar Yadav’s dream is clear: he wants to help kids who are good enough to play at the national level. He is providing all the necessary kits which are used in various sports. He is not limited to cricket. He is helping kids in various sports. 

    It is great to see an athlete coming forward for other athletes to take them to the national level by providing all the necessary equipment needed to thrive at a competitive level.