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  • Reminisce the best moments of a relationship with ‘Haaye’ by Pina Colada Blues and Yash Narvekar

    Published on March 10, 2022

    A soul-pop song by Pina Colada Blues and Yash Narvekar

    Being in love makes the world around brighter, alive. But not every romantic journey ends in unison. There are some beautiful stories that conclude on a bitter note, and others that had all the goodness yet weren’t meant to be. However, every love story creates warm, positive memories in abundance that should be cherished. It is time to reminisce those moments of your relationship through melodies and vocals of Pina Colada Blues and Yash Narvekar. Their latest track, Haaye, in association with Day One, a division of Sony Music, is all about love that was never lost, even though it did not have a happy ending. The song soothes the pain and brings back those often forgotten happy memories of togetherness.

    Haaye is a feel-good breakup song that will bring a smile to your face by reminding you of the good times with your beloved and help you move past the sad break-up phase. This Hindi soul-pop song is a fusion by Pina Colada Blues (Kevin Shaji) and Yash Narvekar. The lyrics, groovy music, basslines and drums will surely lift your mood.

    The video shows a boy remembering his beautiful relationship and its happy moments recorded in a Handycam. The boy then goes to the beach and reminiscesall the things which he used to do with his lady love when they were there together. The girl then joins him on the same spot where they used to sit, but no one speaks, all the words turn into silence as their eyes and emotions make conversations. They just stare at each other and end it on a good note while remembering the happy times.

    On the launch of the song, Pina Colada Blues said, “Haaye is a very different breakup song which will surely make you feel good and lift your mood in the most difficult of times. You don’t come across such songs every day. We tried to hold on to the good and ignore the bad to move ahead. Working with Yash Narvekar has been a wonderful experience. The fusion of both pop with soul music has created a calming tune and I hope the audience will enjoy the song as much we did create it.”

    Yash Narvekar, lyricist, singer and music director, added, “Not every relationship has a happy ending but that does not mean it is always bad. We wanted to highlight the good in it and move forward with a heart full of positivity with Haaye. It is a breakup song, but one that will cheer you up with its groovy basslines. It has been fun collaborating with Pina Colada Blues, and creating a medley of culture, sound and feel for the track.”


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