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  • R&M’s High Density Patch Panels to optimize Data center space

    Published on May 10, 2011

    India : Swiss cabling specialist R&M is helping data centers to gain valuable space with a high-density patch panel. The new HD panel packs 48 RJ45 ports into a single compact unit in the 19” rack. That means less room is used up for cabling and a larger number of active components fit into the cabinet. The patch panel incorporates several innovations. Among other accomplishments, R&M has designed a compact unit incorporating module holders, cable tie guide and strain relief. It can be installed without tools from the front in no time, thus reducing the assembly and maintenance work involved. Thanks to the effective strain relief, the cable lies in a straight line and cannot be twisted. This is an important prerequisite for stable signal transmission in copper cables.

    The HD panel can be fitted with both unshielded and shielded copper cabling or also with fiber optic cabling. For copper connections, R&M recommends the current Cat. 6A module in the shielded and unshielded versions (Cat. 6A in accordance with ISO 11801). LC and MPO/MTP adapters are both suitable for fiber optic cabling. The HD panel therefore provides a foundation for building up modern high-performance data networks operated with 10 and 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet.

    The HD panel is scalable. Users can start with a 24-port version and gradually retrofit it as needed. R&M carries the standard version of the steel patch panel complete with a rear cable tie shelf. The basic version is shortened at the rear, making it suitable for narrow racks and distributors installed in raised floors. There is an additional cover plate for the standard version to protect fiber optic cables. Shielded modules are automatically grounded in the course of installation. R&M recommends the use of pre-terminated cable bundles for the installation. All you have to do then is click the connection modules into place in the module holders. Explaining the goal of the new advance, Regina Good-Engelhardt said: “We want to enable a high density approach in the data center with the ultimate in flexibility and security and no restrictions on handling.”

    Additional protective plates in the module holder prevent crosstalk (ANEXT) between unshielded copper modules. Product Manager Regina Good-Engelhardt explains “Measurement results show that we achieve an ANEXT reserve in the HD panel of an excellence previously unknown. The enormous density of unshielded copper connection modules requires especially effective protection against electromagnetic interference.” This trend underscores R&M’s superior expertise in shielding technology.

    As an aid to network administration, the HD panel has laser-engraved port numbers and sufficient space for individual labels. Colored dust caps and plug locks from the R&M security system can be used for marking ports and locking the patch cables. To facilitate access to the closely arranged rows of connectors, R&M has oriented the top and bottom rows of copper connections in opposite directions of insertion. For fiber optic adapters, the direction of insertion remains the same at top and bottom but access is nonetheless convenient. R&M will release the HD panel to the market this month as an addition to its data center range.