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  • RV Rising Entertainment’s new venture Attention India, an online news website strives to retain the trust and credibility of news

    Published on November 18, 2022

    Besides running two successful online news portals, The Filmy Charcha and Attention India, Rahul Varun, a well-known Bollywood journalist, actor, and an entrepreneur has also established a PR agency called the RV Rising Entertainment.

    In 2017, Rahul Varun founded a Public Relations firm to cover all PR industry-related activities. Today, RV Rising Entertainment has successfully established itself as one of the finest PR companies in Mumbai. In addition to managing talent and celebrities, RV Rising Entertainment also plans to make commercial movies and will soon launch its own production company.

    The team at RV Rising Entertainment, the one-stop celebrity management, PR agency, AD films, corporate films, film marketing, events, and entertainment marketing company, is forward-thinking and prefers flawless and seamless execution of all events connected to the business. RV Rising company believes in maintaining complete transparency with its clients. 

    Understanding your target audience and the emotional bond they have with you is a skill that RV Rising Entertainment has mastered. Celebrity management may sound a bit confusing and indeed it is a little tricky too. Celebrity management includes using a celebrity’s reputation to promote businesses, products, and services. RV Rising Entertainment helps to promote and manage celebrities with proper strategic planning and execution.

    Today the world is ruled by social media. On social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, customers discover, research, follow, and make purchases from brands. RV Rising Entertainment helps its clients to be visible on these popular sites.

    Rahul Varun’s other ventures include Attention India and The Filmy Charcha. The Filmy Charcha is an entertainment news portal. It covers all the happenings of the entertainment industry. They strive to explore the latest news in the Entertainment Industry and provide Bollywood lovers with accurate and true news stories. The Filmy Charcha has gained huge recognition in recent years. 

    Like Filmy Charcha, Attention India too is a bilingual news portal. Attention India news portal covers all trending news starting from politics, sports, literature, technical, national-international, and many more sections from all across the world. 

    As fake and misleading news is becoming increasingly prevalent, Attention India is dedicated to being a reliable news source for all Indians. The entire team at the news portal is committed to acquiring and sharing authentic news from around the world. To reach a wider audience, it would disseminate news in both English and Hindi. News stories are published on the portal at the earliest opportunity so that Indian readers are aware of what is happening in the world and around the world. 


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