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    Sagar M Pardeshi: powerful and influential name in the digital world

    Published on May 24, 2021

    He is a man of many talents and, over the years, has helped his clients thrive in the digital space with his firm ‘Newsmax Multimedia Private Limited’.

    The closer we look around, the more we realize how things have been fast-moving and changing for the better. This is definitely a great sight to behold, looking at how industries and fields have flourished, now all the more, thanks to the digital wave, which has compelled people and businesses to optimize the digital marketing tools, resources and firms for either sustaining themselves or growing further. This has allowed the rise of many new business talents, who have astonished the world with the kind of skills and entrepreneurial spirit they have shown to thrive, people, brands and businesses with the help of digital marketing and so much more. Sagar M Pardeshi is one such young entrepreneur who dived deep into the online space and since then has never looked back.

    He has not aced one but multiple positions in the online world, which proves his excellence, prowess and talents. “The IT and the digital world was where my heart was hooked on to from the very beginning. Completing BSc IT, my journey began, and after managing different positions with different companies, I finally decided to take the plunge in digital entrepreneurship,” says Sagar M Pardeshi. It was in 2010 that he initiated his digital marketing agency ‘Newsmax Multimedia Private Limited’, an all-suite media solutions company, driven to provide all its clients with outstanding media and digital services.

    Apart from being the Founder and Head, IT Services (Software and Media Division), Sagar M Pardeshi has proved his mettle as a political, digital strategist, social media consultant and entrepreneur. His long list of expertise exhibits his passion and determination to excel in the digital space beyond boundaries; some of them include Digital Marketing (Internet, Search & Mobile), Online Tracking & Analytics, Business & Public Partner Relations, Media planning & buying, Media strategy & Execution, User Generated Content & Viral Marketing, Corporate Marketing, Business Development and the list goes on.

    Sagar M Pardeshi is also the Founder, Director and Conceptualizer at LaunchMe, an innovative new online portal for aspiring talents in the TV and film industry to make it easier for production houses and casting directors for finding them their suitable actor. He had also launched ‘Act Mumbai’, an online poll with TV9 Mumbai in 2009.

    He has so far worked with numerous clients across fields and has provided them with the results they sought, which has further propelled Sagar M Pardeshi and his digital marketing firm to astronomical success levels. Looking at Sagar M Pardeshi’s journey and the level of success he has achieved, he seems unstoppable and can soon reach the top of the digital game.

    To find out more, visit his website, http://sagarmpardeshi.com/ and follow him on Instagram @sagarpardeshi.