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  • How Did Famous Social Media Star Love Khaani Made a World Record in the History of Cricket

    Published on May 24, 2021

    Love Khaani made a hard to beat world record in the history of cricket on 14th Of May 2021. She meticulously organized the Abevia Eid Cricket Mela Season 1 at Al Dhaid Cricket Village, UAE on the auspicious occasion of Eid. Khaani received the title of making a world record because she is the first social media star to ever organize such a remarkable cricket event. The event was organized aiming at the benefit and entertainment of others, needless to say, the Cricket Mela was a successful hit.

    Fans appreciate her down to earth generous personality, and it could be clearly seen through the event why she is known to be so kind and helpful. Apart from the obvious part of rewarding the winner, she ensured to reward the losing teams their own respective prizes too, to acknowledge everybody’s efforts and hard word irrespective of if they managed to acquire the winning position or not.

    The hit event gave an example of Love khaani’s influence on the crowd and the crowd’s unconditional love and support for her. Despite the ongoing pandemic, people took the time out and took the risk to gather in large numbers outside the stadium, where the event was scheduled to take place, while keeping in mind the COVID protocols. But being a wise human, Love Khaani politely refused them entry, for the sake of the general public, keeping in mind the health and safety guidelines.

    Being the organizer of the event, Love Khaani bestowed the players with prizes herself and along with that, even gifted a Bat of Sialkot Sports Millat Brand to Rohan Mustafa.

    The event was live streamed on YouTube, as no-one was permitted entry except the organisers and the competitors, but people were still eager to enjoy the event. So keeping in mind the enthusiasm of the general public and their interest, it was held online. 

    The event was super hit and successful, there was no trace of dissatisfaction or sorrow on the player’s faces irrespective of if they won in the matches or not, as everybody walked home with a smile on their face and respective gifts in hand. 

    Despite being the first ever cricket event organized by a social media star, it will surely prove to be a tough competition to crack for other influencers even if they try to organise such a great event.

    The winner of the match was the well deserving Khizar 11 Chakwal United.

    Khizar 11 Chakwal United was followed by the runner up team, Al Basira Tiger.

    Brands like Abevia Evaporated milk, London Star Textiles, AR Rehan Sports and Sialkot sports Millat were kind and considerate enough to hand out a variety of precious gifts.

    Not just that, players were provided with free tea and sandwiches as refreshments by Chaiwala Cafe, followed by lip smacking meals from Najma al Etihad public kitchen Ajman and lastly, free mattresses distributed by Future Mattress.