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  • Whether you are a student, scholar, or even a reading enthusiast, perusing over some books before sleeping is always very rewarding. Also, it is good to have a study close to you in case of mild instances of insomnia or sleepless nights. The following are some great ideas to consider when setting up a study in your bedroom.

    Folding Beds

    They look like ordinary cabinets until they unfold into a fully functional bed. This saves a lot of valuable space that you need for your study material. You can keep a study table and chair as well as a books’ cabinet without the inconvenience of a bed in the room. This helps in keeping your study room tidy and neat until the time you need to steal a wink. It is ideal for small bedrooms, studios, and even children’s rooms.

    Murphy Beds

    This is another great choice of a bed in a study room. Like folding beds, murphy beds can be concealed and are only revealed when needed. However, they are more economical since they are structured in the walls. They are folded by lifting vertically, and they blend into the wall leaving behind a large spacious room that is ideal for study. The bed does not obstruct the reading tables as well as the shelves where the books are located. Also, it leaves enough space to host several people for a study session with the concealed murphy bed, leaving little suspicion to its presence.


    This is akin to a low-lying bookshelf for a relaxed reader. The bed is a block of mattress that is comfortable to both sit on as well lie on top. It also doubles as a bookshelf since it has shelves that are built underneath the mattress. It does not consume a lot of space either, which is ideal for putting a study desk in the room in addition to bookshelves and studying tables. However, with a divan, it easily doubles as a bed as well as a surface for study with the exemption of electronics. It is always advisable to have a computer desk for easy connections as well as safety.

    Loft Bunk

    This is the best use of available space in a study room. The loft bunk has a bed accessible by a simple stair on the side. Underneath the bed are a study desk and a chair that is easily tucked under the bunk. It easily holds a reading lamp that extends without any danger to the bunk above. The rest of the room is accessible for hoisting bookshelves as well as other study materials.

    L-Shaped Beds

    L-Shaped beds are ideal for children’s study rooms or economizing small space with a roommate. They are L – shaped, with each length of the L being a separate bend. They are hoisted up, and this leaves room for a simple sofa on one side and a study table and reading chair on the other. Other study materials such as study lights are also easy to install with this type of bed. The sofa and the reding chair are not obstructed and thus easily accessible. The bed is climbed at the sides of each bed leaving a large free space in the middle.


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