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  • Monday, December, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:53:19
  • HDOR (Hundred Days of Running), a reputable running platform that has motivated thousands of runners to stay committed to and active, marking the successful end of its 100-day running challenge with the 9th edition of its on-ground event in Delhi. The final event of this edition, which took place on August 6 from 5 AM to 9 AM at the magnificent Decathlon in Dwarka, Delhi, brought an enormous number of enthusiastic runners and fitness fanatics. 

    HDOR, the 100 Days of Running challenge has been tremendously successful over the years by inspiring individuals from every walk of life to start a healthy and active lifestyle. The magnificent ground-level event in Delhi turned into a memorial to the participants’ dedication and determination through the 100-day journey. The inclusive spirit of HDOR motivated individuals to challenge themselves further and seek goals and achievements.

    Decathlon, Dwarka, Delhi, an established destination for athletes and fitness maniacs, was the perfect setting for the event. The environment provided participants with a safe and pleasant atmosphere in which they were able to appreciate their exercising experience and acknowledge their achievements. By providing refreshments for its participants’, HDOR made every attempt to protect their wellbeing. The participant’s safety and well-being came first for HDOR. All participants received an enjoyable and secure running environment. The event demonstrated HDOR’s commitment to the people who participated as a dedicated group of medical professionals who provided thorough medical treatment. The organizers make certain that runners were able to sprint with confidence since they knew assistance would be close by, with safety as their primary concern. These kinds of events are essential for creating a sense of community among fitness enthusiasts and giving them a venue to acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments. These events frequently act as a motivating factor for people to pursue an active lifestyle and establish and meet fitness objectives.

    Chandan Khanna – Co-founder of HDOR expressed his gratitude towards the participants and said, “The 100 Days of Running challenge has always been about promoting a healthy lifestyle, fostering discipline, and building a supportive community of runners. The 9th edition of the on-ground event in Delhi was an opportunity to connect with our participants and witness the real impact of their dedication. We are delighted to have been a part of their fitness journey.”

    The HDOR 100 Days of Running culmination event in Delhi not only celebrated the achievements of participants but also reinforced the organization’s commitment to promoting a culture of fitness and well-being. It served as a memorable occasion where runners celebrated their accomplishments and embraced the joy of running together.


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