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  • Thursday, March, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:54:36
  • If you have a house that has a balcony with a view, then you are blessed beyond measure. It is a personal space where you sip your morning coffee, or get cozy with your loved ones as you watch the shimmering sunset, or just simply breathe in fresh air after a long day of work. If you are clueless about the bare space of your balcony and looking for some inspiration, don’t worry we have got you some stunning balcony painting and décor ideas that will beautify this space and make it more appealing.

    Experiment With The Paint Colors

    Replacing the boring paint of your balcony is the most effective way to make it glamorous. Don’t shy away from experimenting with bold color combinations to give it a refreshing look. A simple search on your phone for painting services near me will lead you to top house painting services in your locality who would be more than happy to evaluate your space and make feasible suggestions. But if you are all geared up to take this as a DIY project and have some great fun with your children helping you, here are some great ideas you can steal.

    • Coral Blush: This shade of pink is the most lovable and easy on the eyes. It’s soothing and trendy to look at while adding the right amount of oomph factor to your balcony décor. Hang some vivid-colored blooms, and let the creepers grow on the railing to add a mystic charm. To give your balcony an illusion of a bigger space, keep the seating minimalistic by adding a couple of foldable chairs only. 
    • Cheerful Yellow: This versatile color not only looks good in your living room but makes a perfect choice for your balcony. When the first rays of the sun fall on your brightly yellow painted balcony walls, it will make it look every bit cheerful. If you have a bigger balcony, add artificial grass and several potted plants for a more soothing effect.
    • Minty Green: If you are a nature lover, this hue of green is something that you will instantly fall in love with. Minty green is a perfect color when you want to blend in the element of nature in your balcony without actually having to grow any plants. Cane or bamboo furniture complements this color well, and if you want to add a pop of color, then throw in some multi-colored cushions or colorful wall hangings. 
    • Adaptable Brown: Most Indians like to use lighter shades of color for their balcony, and if you are someone who likes to play it safe, then opt for beige – the pale sandy color of the brown family. Earthy shades of brown also make an ideal choice no matter what size your balcony is. Don’t let the brown make your space look dull, make it lively by adding a red hot balcony furniture set or throw a multi-colored rug to brighten up space. 

    Apart from the wall color, it is very important to add the right amount of light to enhance the look of your balcony. A poorly lit balcony can drown all the efforts that you have put in to highlight this space. Finally, add comfortable seating chairs, sofas, or swings and you are all set to invite your bestie over for a night out.