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  • Sunteck’s ‘Life by the Sea’ Initiative Promoting Conscious Living & Enhancing Beaches

    Published on December 1, 2023

     Mumbai : Sunteck Foundation by Sunteck Realty, a Mumbai-based premium luxury real estate developer, implemented ‘Life by the Sea’ sustainable lifestyle drive exemplifying conscious living by the beachfront. It is an initiative to upkeep the pristine beauty of the Suruchi Beach.

    Numerous studies affirm the soothing influence of the sea on our minds and the rejuvenating impact it has on our senses, offering a welcome break from the fast-paced and overstimulated nature of contemporary life. In a benevolent gesture, showcasing its commitment to the environment, Sunteck Realty has installed eco-friendly benches along the pristine Suruchi Beach. These benches have been crafted from recycled waste materials collected during the year-long ‘Life by the Sea’ initiative—a sustainable lifestyle drive by Sunteck at Suruchi Beach.

    Senior Health Officer & In charge of SWM Department for I Ward of VVMC (Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation) inaugurated the installed benches for public use in the august presence of other VVMC officials, and representatives as well as volunteers of the ‘Life by the Sea’ sustainable lifestyle drive.

    Anupma Khetan, Customer Experience Evangelist, Sunteck Realty, said “This initiative constitutes a pivotal element of Sunteck’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) charter, designed to elevate environmental quality, biodiversity, and promote sustainable living. Mumbai, renowned for its coastal landscapes, serves as the backdrop for our endeavour to epitomise sustainability and convenience for the wider community. The expansive beachfront stands as the city’s natural heritage, one that warrants perpetual conservation and improvement. We consider it our responsibility to act as catalysts, inspiring and motivating Mumbai’s residents to wholeheartedly embrace sustainability.”

    Sunteck Foundation in association with the United Ways Mumbai, deployed sustainability champions and a supervisor on the pristine Suruchi beach to upkeep the surroundings on a daily basis since May 2022. About 125 Metric Ton of waste was prevented from entering the ocean from Suruchi beach through this year long drive and more than 111 Metric Ton of segregated waste was sent for recycling. The benches that are being installed at the beach are made out of the recycled material produced from processing the waste collected thereby illustrating circularity. 

    Throughout the year, the dedicated Sunteck Saathis diligently maintained the cleanliness of the Suruchi beach maintaining its pristine beauty. Under this initiative, more than 420 students were educated on Marine Pollution through classroom sessions, and a series of beach drives were organized. These drives saw active participation from 267 enthusiastic youth volunteers representing various colleges and nearby communities.

    Regular meetings with these groups, nearby communities, and beachgoers were conducted to raise awareness about household waste management, waste segregation, and the importance of contributing to a cleaner beach.

    These collaborative activities not only supported the principles of a circular economy but also contributed to the protection of marine biodiversity and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

    Sunteck Foundation has been organising sustainable lifestyle drives previously, which have been supported by Actors Dia Mirza, Neha Dhupia and Mithila Palkar. The ‘Life by the Sea’ sustainable lifestyle drives are intended to inspire individuals to incorporate eco-friendly lifestyles into their daily routines, thereby fostering healthy habits. The entire initiative has witnessed enthusiastic participation from the neighbouring communities of Suruchi Beach, including youth and children.


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