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  • Wednesday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:53:49
  • Cyber Storm addresses the impact of cyber breaches on small-to-medium businesses

    Konrad Martin, CEO of Tech Advisors , a leading cybersecurity firm and technology solution provider for small to mid-sized businesses, has co-authored a book on cybersecurity and its direct impact on small-to-medium sized businesses.

    Cyber Storm: How To Protect Your Business From A Data Breach and The Resulting Cyber Storm of Fines, Lawsuits & Customer Loss, set for release on April 14th, addresses the many unique challenges smaller businesses face due to limited resources. Modern businesses are now also faced with managing their use of networks and cyber tools – in particular, the critical task of protecting the data stored and transmitted on those networks from cybercrime.

    The problem, according to Cyber Storm, is these businesses tend to believe they are too small to be noticed by cybercriminals when, in fact, they are often the main targets. In Cyber Storm, Martin addresses the types of threats that exist and details the measures small-to-medium businesses can take to better protect themselves against cyber breaches.

    Cyber Storm is the third book Martin has authored on cybersecurity. The first, The IT Factor, is a comprehensive guide for the small business owner who seeks to find a professional, competent IT provider. The second, Hacked!, offers strategies for staying one step ahead of cybercriminals.

    Recognized nationally as an authority in the field of cybersecurity, Martin was featured in the 2020 documentary “Cyber Crime 2: The Dark Web Uncovered” and is the author of articles on cybersecurity for a number of regional and national magazines.

    “Cybercrime changes constantly and rapidly, and it is often misunderstood by the very people it exploits,” said Martin. “Cyber Storm takes a head-on look at the serious reality of cybercrime and measures to counteract it – because it’s not a matter of if a breach will happen to your business, but when.”


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