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  • Thatware Tuhin Banik Opens Up On The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On the SEO Industry

    Published on August 28, 2022

    Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the face of the future and every industry is getting impacted by it including digital marketing. Young Digital Marketing experts like Tuhin Banik are leading the world into the domain of artificial intelligence. Tuhin is the founder and CEO of Thatware LLP a brand that is changing the world of digital marketing with the implication of AI.

    Tuhin was always inclined toward technology and that’s the reason he pursued a Bachelors’ degree in Technology followed by a Master’s degree in digital marketing and a Nano degree in artificial intelligence. Speaking about his take on AI and digital marketing, the young marketer said, “There has been a lot of hype around artificial intelligence over the past few years and it has a lot of impact in the world. Every industry is transforming as per AI’s evolution. The best impact of AI can be seen in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry. One can leverage additional features to predict the performance of new or reoptimized content and get better results. “

    Over the years, Tuhin has successfully created a dynamic team of data scientists, AI experts, Natural Language processing experts(NLP) etc. The team aims at providing clients with the right mix of services to achieve their goals using AI tools.

    Tuhain shared, “Every AI application is different and so is every project. So, before getting involved in this process, it is important to understand the implications of AI in the SEO industry. It helps to generate better data and give you better vision to create your SEO plan.”


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