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  • The 5 biggest technology trends in 2021 everyone must know

    Published on November 23, 2020

    Technological innovations are changing at a very fast rate and the annual predictions of the market are out of date. The present technologies in the market enable faster growth thereby impacting the organization success overall. The adoption of these existing technologies for business brings acceleration and eventually increases the business exponentially.

    If you are a tech savvy guy, you should learn or constantly update yourself with the evolving technologies in the market. It helps you to gain developmental skills on those technologies. Just keep an eye on the latest and upcoming technology trends in the market so as to make yourself an expert in that field.

    At present we are facing the technology revolution, and the organizations and professionals who don’t keep up to date with the latest trends in the market are left behind the risks.Knowing the trends will help the people and organization to gain insights for better opportunities for the future growth.

    In my article I am going to share the top 5 biggest technology trends in 2021 that everyone should know. 

    5 Biggest technology trends in 2021:

    1. AI as the service:

    AI is renowned as the most prominent technological revolution of the tech industry. Many companies are moving to the advent of AI so as to improve and have the best customer experience and to automate the business operations eventually. For most organizations it will be expensive to design and deploy their own AI based systems. So for this reason, they rely on the AI as the service platforms to do their tasks. These platforms just take input of your data and one needs to pay as you use the resources available.

    Currently Amazon, Microsoft services as the service platforms and more eventually one can observe a wide adoption and growing number of service providers throughout the world.

    Moreover AI can do the tasks more faster when compared to that of humans and it is well known for its automation. Automation benefits by employment as well remove some jobs as well. But AI also creates many jobs in the development, programming, testing, maintenance and support. If you want to build your career in AI, you need to go for AI based Machine learning training.

    1. Salesforce CRM:

    Salesforce is a cloud computing service that comprises a more specialized stack of CRM features. Its services help to connect with the customers, partners and businesses by using cloud technology. Salesforce is known as the best CRM today. Salesforce CRM tools help the organizations to manage effectively their customers, generate leads and grow their businesses.This is the main reason thousands of companies are adapting to the salesforce CRM tool.

    If an organisation takes over Salesforce, they’re buying something which gets themselves prepared for the future. With all its overwhelming focus on creating and getting innovation ready for the future, Salesforce has been at the frontline of expansion and creativity. It helps companies believe Salesforce more and want to use it as their CRM of preference, as it prepares themselves for an uncertain market.

    One of the attractive features of the salesforce is that it is easy to install, implement and use. Salesforce Comes with intuitive user interface and good customer experience. It is easy for the employees  of the organization to learn the tool and face the challenges that are raised effectively. Taking the salesforce training will benefit both the individual and the organizations to a great extent.

    1. Elastic Search:

    Elastic search is an open search, distributed, analytical engine that easily parses all types of data such as structured, unstructured, geospatial, textual and numerical etc. Elasticsearch is mainly known for its simple REST API’s, speed, scalability. 

    Elasticsearch is the major aspect of the Elastic Stack, a collection of open-source resources for large datasets, refinement, processing, visualisation. Usually referred to as the ELK Stack (after Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana), the Elastic Stack now comprises a rich set of flexible shipping agents known as Beats for sending data to Elasticsearch.

    Elastic search is adopted by the many organizations because of its accuracy, fastness, security, infrastructure monitoring, distributed in nature, speed,scalability, and also helps in simplifying data ingots, visualizations and reporting, etc. So in order to become an expert proficient in handling datasets and solving the complex queries easily, just go for the elastic search training form the experts in the industry.

    1. Blockchain Technology:

    Generally when people here blockchain, the first thing comes to the mind is cryptocurrencies i.e bitcoin, and notable blockchain is referred as the security measure for the organizations that can serve its use in multiple ways. In the blockchain, chain is the linking of data one after the other, we cannot alter the data.

    With the blockchain technology, there is no need to trust third pirates for validating the transactions.  Most of the industries are relying on the blockchain to implement in their business and eventually there is a great demand for the certified blockchain professionals in this field. Moreover a blockchain developer is specialized in developing and implementing architecture solutions by using the blockchain technology. To become an expert go for the blockchain training from the well reputed organizations.

    1. Internet Of Things(IoT):

    Today many things are built with Wifi means that the things are interconnected. IoT is the future technology and is already in use such as home appliances, smart cars, all are connected so as to exchange data over the internet. At present in our daily lives, we are almost benefiting from the IoT. IoT helps the businesses to gain efficiency, safety, important decision making for the organization as the data is collected and analyzed.

    Moreover, there is a boon for the adoption and development of IoT. Getting skills in the IoT helps in the people to attain more confidence, knowledge, etc. Also demand for the certified professionals in the market is high and IoT training helps the people to improve their businesses to a vast extent.


    For any organization or businesses to achieve success, there needs to adopt some tools, softwares or techniques etc. The above mentioned 5 best technology trends are very precise and adoptable as to improve the business. They help in simplifying the business operations, improve the output, reliability, accuracy, scalability for the people. Moreover adapting to the latest trends in the market keeps you ahead of the competitive market.

    Author Bio
    Rajarapu Anvesh, Technical graduate in Electronics and communication  engineering, Senior Digital Marketing professional at Hkr Trainings. Aspires to learn new things to grow professionally. My articles focus on the latest programming courses and E-Commerce trends. You can follow me on LinkedIn