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  • Reza Goodary: “Unfortunately, money has become a priority over young and motivated fighters.”

    Reza Goodary known as “The Persian Leopard” who was more known as the professional fight record holder with 299 recorded fights in full-contact karate, these days and after retiring from karate, he turned to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Bare-knuckle boxing, Muay Thai and grappling to get his chance to win again in the mixed martial arts hexagon, try the world championship title.

    Reza is one of the few Iranian athletes who has been exercising for more than 27 years without stopping. His interest and honors have been appreciated many times in the news agency of his country, Iran. Most of the official IRIB, IRNA, ISNA, IPNA and more news agencies mentioned him as the indefatigable legend of Iran, and now everyone is waiting for his next successes. He has been living far from his homeland for nearly 8 years and in order to achieve his goals, he has been living in East Asia.

    The former Iranian karate national champion and the holder of two karate world gold medals and x2 World Martial Arts Masterships (WMC) bronze medals, has recently published a video on his official Instagram page criticizing the sports officials of federations and organizations.

    Goodary says: “There are people at the top who do not care about the health and future of the youth. They only think about money and unfortunately they are organized in a systematic way.”

    By publishing a video on social networks in English with Farsi subtitles for his countrymen, he exposed: “The powerful sports mafia. He added that champions are not born and overcome many obstacles to become a champion. They suffer a lot to follow their dreams. Distance from homeland and family, economic problems and livelihood problems exist for champions even in high ranks.”

    Reza Goodary, who dreamed of winning the world championship since childhood, has achieved it for a long time, but at the age of 34, he still plans to continue. Hard training at Venum Trainins Camp Thailand under world champion Mehdi Zatout, as well as the professional sports photography work he has been involved in for a long time, take a lot of energy from him, but he still looks to the future and tirelessly thinks about his dreams.

    In addition to being a world champion, he is also known for his ‘Photo Eminency’ brand in East Asia, especially in Thailand. Oder’s artistic pictures of an important event such as ONE Championships, Rajadamnern Stadium (Rajadamnern World Series) , Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA), Super Champ Muay Thai, Muay Hardcore and … have created a lot of buzz. He says in this regard: “One who is well acquainted with martial arts can naturally record them well. I do this work not for financial purposes but because of the love I have for it. I enjoy this work and intend to I am going to continue as a professional.”


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