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  • Thursday, February, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:47:39
  • India relishes its pickles, and no meal or food platter is complete without them.  There are fond memories of pickle making process; from procuring quality fruits from the bazaar, to mixing the right masalas as per the traditional recipe or drying them on the terrace. 

    In its recent social media campaign #MaaApproved, Mother’s Recipe emphasizes how the brand handpicks the best quality ingredients and follows the traditional and authentic pickle recipes endorsed by our mothers. Whichever part of the country you reside in, pickle has always been an indispensable memory. Each one of us has distinct childhood memories of our mother’s dos and don’ts to ensure the perfect pickles and her delicacy has resulted in authentic pickles for us.  The aromatic process of seeing her make pickles, while she ensured the ingredients were perfectly sun-dried, the right marination was used, only fresh oil and masala were added, and the perfect texture and colon set the pallet craving for more.

    Mothers Recipe are the best experts when it comes to traditional pickle recipes and following the same methods, the brand guarantees the usage of fresh and high-quality ingredients with no chemical preservatives. Mother’s Recipe has curated 50 variants of region-specific pickles, with recipes sourced locally and made in the most traditional way without compromising on taste and quality. Keeping in mind the local taste palette the brand has customized pickles, their wide range of pickles spans from Andhra Avakaya, Karnataka Cut Mango, Madras Thokku, Kerala Mango, Bengali Mango, Punjabi Panchranga, Gujarati Methia Mango, Maharashtra Mango, Gujarati Gorkeri, Choondo, and Red Stuffed Chillies.

     The objective of the campaign was to promote those consumers who consider the pickles that replicate the same authentic taste as prepared by Mothers with old traditional recipes.  Mother’s recipe promises to all consumers that our pickle assures Maa-approved standards.


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