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  • Unleashing India’s Digital Growth Potential: KIT Global Makes its Mark with Strategic Entry into India’s Vibrant Digital Landscape

    Published on October 9, 2023

     NEW DELHI  – KIT Global or “the company”, a trailblazer in performance marketing with two decades of unparalleled expertise is thrilled to announce its strategic expansion into the dynamic and rapidly growing Indian market. With a diverse range of 35 marketing products and serving over 5,000 global brands, KIT Global is poised to transform India’s digital landscape by primarily focusing on educating advertisers about the indispensable role KIT Global’s platform plays in achieving scalable success. The demand for performance-driven marketing solutions has never been higher, and the company is geared to meet this growing need.

    Digital marketing has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. As customer preferences lean towards more meaningful experiences, marketers must stay ahead of the curve to maintain a competitive edge. Particularly, the Indian market is on the brink of experiencing a monumental surge in this domain.

    India proudly holds its position as the world’s third-largest consumer market and boasts the second-highest number of internet users globally. Impressively, it is home to 700 million smartphone users with a robust 71% internet penetration. This exceptional market scenario sets an ideal stage for KIT Global’s innovative pursuits. Mastering and comprehending the intricate nuances of India’s digital realm requires the crafting of distinctive strategies to effectively cater to the unique demands of clients.

    Rahul Khurana, Country Manager of KIT Global India, mentioned, “Our strategy goes beyond providing a comprehensive service experience. We employ two distinct approaches customized for the market. First and foremost, we prioritize a customer-centric approach. Our principal objective is to assist our clients in addressing their specific needs and challenges by harnessing the power of KIT Global’s products effectively. However, as we envision our growth as a company, our broader aim is to evolve into a versatile entity capable of addressing a myriad of needs within the digital spectrum. This strategic goal aligns with our commitment to offer comprehensive solutions while remaining rooted in a customer-first ethos.”

    KIT Global introduces a suite of tailor-made tools aimed at revolutionizing how brands engage and flourish in this dynamic marketplace. India’s businesses can now access an array of cutting-edge tools, each branded under the KIT umbrella:

    ●          KIT Mobile: Crafted for India’s mobile-majority populace, guaranteeing peak mobile engagement.

    ●          KIT CPA: Demonstrates KIT’s confidence, linking brand investments with tangible outcomes.

    Leveraging KIT Global’s advanced tools, brands in the market gain a significant edge, enabling them to outperform their global competitors and thus, elevating India’s prominence in the global digital marketing landscape.

    “Within our market hyper-specialization, advertisers seek partners capable of swift comprehension of their business needs. They value partners who can skip the immersion phase and promptly deliver results. As such, KIT Global has been meticulously structured to provide hyper-specialists to meet these demands,” Rahul concludes.

    KIT Global India plans to further expand its footprint in more metropolitan areas such as Mumbai and Bangalore in the coming year.


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