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  • Saturday, January, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:40:17
  • New Delhi : With The International Men’s Day 2021, around the corner, ‘UrbanGabru’ emanated a campaign ‘Men beyond boundaries’ to celebrate manhood. The masculine figure of the primordial soup was a lot different than the ‘Gabrus’ of today, 21st century/ the Gen Z. They are confident, adroit, soft and tenacious.

    Masculinity is a set of attributes, mannerisms and roles associated with men. Traditionally, a man is strong and stoic, he is the bread earner of the family, must play sports and must not be involved with domestic chores of the household. They should act strong, mask up their emotions and never shed tears or be concerned about their mien. The pressure is immense to match the normative standards.

    Patriarchy has to be devastating to such an extent, that men who seem to be tyrannical and chauvinistic are victims of patriarchal pressure.

    UrbanGabru has initiated a movement to bring out the silent ordeal of men and to release the pressure on men to “be men”. This initiative is a small but important step to informate men and help them break and explore their world beyond the boundaries set by the conventional society. To embolden the new age men, embrace their internal and external identity equally, and be unfettered to express their thoughts, emotions and personality. To encompass self-love, appreciate them and indulge in one’s multi-dimensional growth.

     “Since childhood, we are bombarded with a stereotypical image of a man. We decided to break those myths so that the Gabrus of today can change the mindset that men have been a victim of since ages.”