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  • Auto accidents could lead to serious injuries that change the victim’s life and prevent them from becoming gainfully employed. Some injuries could lead to fatalities and wrongful death lawsuits. The circumstances of the victim’s case define how they will proceed and what laws apply. 

    Victims or their families can start a legal claim to collect compensation and provide coverage for medical expenses, auto repair costs, and lost wages. After an accident, many victims are unable to return to work, and they could not only lose wages but also lose their jobs. An attorney can help them find out if they have a viable claim and start a case to recover their losses. 

    Call the Highway Patrol

    The victims need to contact highway patrol to report the auto accident to the authorities. Once they arrive, the officers will investigate the accident and determine what happened. They will find out who caused the accident and what parties were involved in the accident. An accident report is submitted to the local law enforcement agency, and all parties are required to send a copy of the report to their insurance provider. Victims who were injured in the accident start a claim by contacting a car accident lawyer now. 

    Get Medical Assistance

    Emergency services will arrive on the scene of the accident and determine what parties need medical assistance. It is recommended that all parties who were in the auto accident should get at least a checkup to see if they have any injuries that could have been caused by the accident.

    By getting medical assistance, the victims generate medical records to provide information about the victim’s injuries. If they sustain serious injuries, the records must show these injuries and how they will affect the victim. 

    Determine If the At-Fault Driver Had Insurance

    If the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance, they cannot process an insurance claim, and the victim won’t receive any compensation for their economic losses. Under the circumstances, the at-fault driver will face fines for no insurance, and they may lose their vehicle registration.

    Some jurisdictions may impound the vehicle until they purchase auto insurance coverage. Since the driver doesn’t have coverage, the victim will have no other choice than to file a legal claim to collect compensation. 

    Collect Medical Records

    Medical records depict the victim’s injuries and define whether the injuries prevent the victim from becoming gainfully employed. The severity of their injuries defines whether they will recover from the injuries or if they have permanent conditions or disabilities.

    In cases where the victim is incapacitated or hospitalized, their attorney will need to set up testimony for their doctor, and the doctors will explain all the injuries and their effect on the victim. If they sustained a permanent loss, the court may provide them with a larger monetary award if they win the case. 

    Get Estimates For Auto Repairs

    Auto repair estimates must be included in the legal claim, and the victim must provide estimates for the auto repairs. The court will review the information and choose the median amount from the estimates.

    If the victim wins their case, they could get the funds necessary to have their vehicle repaired. If the vehicle was a total loss, the victim could get the cost of replacing their vehicle. If the vehicle was financed, the victim must file a claim through their insurance to get the full cost of their vehicle. 

    Is There Any Video Footage of the Accident?

    Video footage is credible evidence for an auto accident claim, and the attorney can file a motion to get security surveillance footage from the surrounding properties to show what happened. If there are traffic cameras, the attorney can get the footage to see how the accident happened and substantiate the victim’s claim. 

    Video footage can prevent the defendant from denying their responsibilities. It can also prevent the defendant from using comparative fault rulings to discredit the victim’s case and decrease their monetary award. If the victim played a role in causing the accident, the court decreases the award according to the moving violation the victim committed.  

    Interview Eyewitnesses That Saw the Accident

    Eyewitnesses could provide testimony that substantiates the victim’s claim, and they can provide clarity about the case. The attorneys for both parties have access to the witnesses, and they can depose the witnesses to collect information. If any part of their testimony provides support for the defendant, the defendant’s attorneys can use their testimony to discredit the victim’s claim. 

    Witnesses can help the court break down the auto accident into a sequence of events. This makes it easier to pinpoint the moment of collisions and determine how and when the victims were injured. The fine details can make it easier for the court to decide who is at fault. 

    What You Could Get in a Legal Claim

    By filing a legal claim, the victim can collect economic losses such as lost wages, auto repair costs, and medical expenses. If the court allows for tort awards, the victim could get non-economic awards for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other tort awards. 

    The attorney calculates all financial losses incurred by the victim, and they submit the exact amount with the legal claim. When the court reviews the case, they determine if the victim has a viable claim and how much they should receive from the at-fault driver. 

    Auto accidents can produce serious injuries that could affect the victim for the rest of their lives. The injuries can also cause fatalities and require families to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If the victims cannot collect compensation from the at-fault driver through an insurance claim, they can start a legal claim. 

    With a legal claim, the court decides if the victim is entitled to a monetary award, and the court will calculate all losses incurred by the victim. If the victim wins, the at-fault driver pays a lump sum to the victim or provides payments through the court. By hiring an attorney, they can determine if they have a viable claim.  


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